Mercedes-Benz Buyers Want Performance AMG Models, Not More Plug-In Electric Cars


We Like The Cutaway Of The Concept SLS AMG E- Cell

We Like The Cutaway Of The Concept SLS AMG E- Cell

“We want more AMG models!”

Mercedes-Benz CEO Dr. Dieter Zetsche says that’s the response he often receives from the car-buying public. Quoting Zetsche:

“People are not telling us, ‘why don’t you have an electric car? Rather, they are telling us why can’t you deliver more AMG vehicles!”

Zetsche adds:

“Electric drivetrains takes up a lot more than autonomous driving in terms of our R&D budget. It is important for us to be perceived as the technological leader, we can’t always be that but we should always try to.”

Concept SLS AMG E- Cell With Required Supercar Gullwing Doors

Concept SLS AMG E- Cell With Required Supercar Gullwing Doors

Even if the “we want more AMG models” is true, there’s no reason why Mercedes-Benz can’t offer more performance electric cars like the SLS AMG E-Cell shown in the images to the right. So really, Zetsche has no valid excuse for not offering more plug-in cars.

Zetsche went on to state:

“So far it is very clear that there is a big discrepancy between the market demand and the regulations that we have to work with. On a global basis, including Tesla, the number of cars available is minuscule in terms of overall sales.”

It all starts somewhere though, no matter how small a start it is.

The real problem is that Mercedes has fallen way behind the electric car competition and is now racing to catch up. If it can’t catch up, then Mercedes-Benz will surely lose its “perceived as the technological leader” title.

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OK that would explain why MB is down on sales compeered to Tesla.
Get real MB before it is too late.

Dr. Z is just being a bean-counter. That’s what is different between him and Elon: Elon wants to have electrified, sustainable transportation, damn the profits.

I think you’re right.

However, remember that Elon said that the Model S was supposed to be one of the most profitable cars. This gives him the capital to pressure his mission.

Perhaps Dr. Z is thinking the same thing?

Well, if they made a Model S competitor, then they could, but they didn’t.

Besides, the Model S is profitable. If they weren’t scaling up, and continually developing new models, they would be fine with the S and X, once both ramp up to meet demand.

That sounds like what Toyota said just before they released the Mirai.

So essentially you are saying despite spending more than the nation of Australia on r&d you can’t deliver sports cars that scores less than 100 gCO2/km on the overally generous EU test cycle.

WTF? Take a normal merc add 12 kWh battery and replace the starter motor with something bigger – add a plug and charger. Really? Is it that much harder than the countless modifications you perform before adding the amg badge. Porsche have done it, BMW did it with the i8, stop winging and JFDI! There is no reason not to.

Mercedes-Benz is listening to their customers, Tesla is listening to their customers, and the future will tell who’s on the right path.

I’m a MB buyer and I want a long range EV. With that being said, my next car will be a Tesla. To bad I’ve never been asked by MB for my opinion. Interesting…. Oh well, their loss.

To summarize: “People want more (fuel guzzling) AMG Models, and less (energy efficient) EVs.” Interestingly enough, some of the top performance cars are hybrids (918,P1,La Ferrari), which will run circles around anything that AMG offers. Even BMW had the guts to come out with a more reasonably priced performance hybrid that doesn’t cost a million dollars (i8).

Well apparently their shareholders don’t agree. The Daimler brass was called to task at their last shareholder meeting with the question, Why they had no answer for Tesla’s offerings.


Your buyers are deluded buffoons. They think cheap gas will last forever.

Cheap fossil fuel *may* last forever, but the human race will not if we don’t stop squandering FFs just to massage our pathetic egos.

There is a theory out there that oil is so cheap at the moment because all the big producers have figured out that the jig is up and that in as little 5 years they won’t be able to give the stuff away. So, it’s ‘all hands to the pumps’ and shift as much of it as they can while the price is still at a level where it is still profitable.

When a company’s profits are squeezed, bean counters often emphasize their most profitable products while limiting their R&D investments in new risky areas. MB and BMW see EV’s as a high risk endeavor. AMG is MB’s most profitable product. MB is making the classic bean counter mistakes.

Mistakes like that leads to obsolescence. I have a MB class B electric. I already bought my next car: TESLA!

Now that they’ve watered down the AMG brand to make it ‘available’ on almost every level of car they sell they can charge crazy money for those badges that don’t really mean much anymore. AMG used to mean a hand built motor and attention to detail along with a great motor, now it’s just a way to add fluffy option$. No wonder he’s stating more people want them, it goes hand in hand with the marketing plan – coincidence??

As stated above, no reason they can’t make plug-ins as well as more AMG’s.

Who is this car-buying public who all “want more AMG models”? Rap stars, snobby executives, drug dealers, and wannabes who can only afford to make three payments before having to give the car back?

Yes, I’m sure on the top of every soccer mom’s list is “it must have an AMG logo”.

Ha – says the guy who just lost their lunch money to Tesla Motors…hey, pal, who was the 2015 luxury sedan market leader in NA and western EU? Hmmm? I can’t heear yoooou!!!

Sadly he’s is probably true. Have a look on the German EV sales in Q1(2016):

And here’s the entire German Q1(2016) sales:

The EV sales are down with -1.7% (QtQ) while entire market grew 4.5% (33794 cars). Some car makers’ could increase their sales with more than 10k only in Germany.

Or here’s an another interesting data:

Manufacturer Car sales in China Q1/2016 % Change Car Sales Worldwide Q1/2016 % Change
Mercedes Benz 106,641 36.4 483,487 12.6
Porsche 14,609 23.5 55,874 9.5
BMW* 127,105 10.5 478,743 6
Audi 139,540 4.7 455,750 4
Volkswagen 722,800 6.5 1,459,500 -1.3

It’s clearly visible, the German luxury car makers are growing rapidly, and doing this without huge EV sales. So I’m not surprised they’re not really engaged to the EV market. But I’ve always said they know this is not going to be forever, so they developing their EV technology in the background, just this is not their priority now (for obvious reasons).

That table just collapsed, it can’t stand for copycat. Here’s the source:

The German market is on hold until the government implements the incentives that they announced. I would wait to take advantage of them.

Baloney !
How many future sales of the C class have already been lost to the Model 3.
For the sake of the future of the world catch up Mercedes or (deservedly) face continued loss of market share

MB owners talk about wanting AMG models because after buying their non-AMG models, they end up disappointed with the lack-luster performance.

It really has nothing to do with EV’s.

All I see are douchebags driving AMG’s.

Every time. Same with M3’s/M4’s.

How long did it take Nokia to go from the biggest mobile phone company in the world to being all but forgotten? 5 years? 10 maybe…

MB – You had better wake up, and quick!

The real question isn’t what MB buyers say they want today… It’s what they’ll actually want to buy 3-5 years from now.
That’s what MB should be working on…

Surem it’s not a trivial question to answer, but smiple extrapolation doesn’t work when technological disruption is clearly on the horizon, as horse & buggy vendors found out in 1900-1910.
The combo of pollution & global warming clearly indicates that energy production will change radically in the 10-20 years, even aside from oil reserves.
That trend is already significant. Euro governments won’t have a choice but to essentially forbid or greatly restrict ICEs near population centers.