Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive Wins Comparison Test Against Kia Soul EV & Volkswagen e-Golf – Video


And The Winner Is...

And The Winner Is…

You’ll need to activate YouTube’s handy caption translator feature if Dutch isn’t a language you comprehend. Once activated, you’ll discover that, in this electric car matchup, the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive comes out on top.

Why is the electric B-Class the champ? Most range and quickest at-home recharging.

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You mean with “discover” that the YT translation function produces roughly 60% garbage?


If this video of the three vehicles was the answer, i believe the question was: name three vehicles not available to buy in most of the United States. It’s a shame because i would have seriously considered the Soul if it was available here.

I didn’t have any problem with the language since I also speakFlemish.
In short the b class has a real life range of 163 km, the Soul 162 km and the Golf 156 km. Prices are 40k€ for the B, 33k€ for the Soul and 36k€ for the Golf. Fast charge is present in half an hour on the Soul and the Golf but not on the B. However the B allow for an extra charging of an additional 30 km range in case of absolute necessity for a particular long trip.

Based on the information given, I don’t see how anyone but an MB shill could call this a victory for the Mercedes. It costs a lot more, gives you one km more range (which doesn’t jive with EPA figures, which I believe gave the Soul at least a 5 mile advantage), and doesn’t have DCFC. If anything, this makes the Soul sound every bit as amazing as it is.

Kia wins on every technical front. It just cannot win overall because it is a box car.
Lack of dc charging is a major flaw of the merc. Completely useless for trips that need a stop unless you’re willing to double or triple your journey time.

one li ny dealer had the mercedes for 34,000
brand new i get 110 miles CODA level 2 only nice warm days spring summer fall however no warranty 13,300 miles still going strong
paid 12500 brand new 36 kw battery worst case HTV THEN VTH will be awesome have a 6 kwh solar system