Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive Review – Video


B-Class Electric Drive

B-Class Electric Drive

122 miles of nominal range…say what?!?!

Automotive representatives often try to deceive.  Such is the case here with this Mercedes-Benz representative who, on more than one occasion, states that the nominal range of the B-Class Electric Drive is 122 miles.

That, of course, isn’t true.

The combined range rating for the B-Class Electric Drive is officially identical to the Fiat 500e: 87 miles.

Now to be fair, the EPA had yet to be officially rated when this first drive took place, but it was still plenty apparent at the time that 122 miles was just not going to be a reality.

Yes, we’re aware of the optional range package (standard for Model Year 2015) adds 17 miles of range, but even with those additional miles included, the B-Class Electric Drive still falls short of the 122 mentioned in the video.

Claiming 122 miles at any point is misleading.  Worse still is that Mercedes-Benz is not the only automaker guilty of this type of deception.

Actual B-Class Range Listed At 87 Miles BY The EPA

Actual B-Class Range Listed At 87 Miles BY The EPA

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Warren M

Wow, same city range as the i3, but how much bigger is the battery? And no available quick charging port like the BMW, inexcusable.

Bill Howland

No fast charger that’s true, but it does allow for a 40 amp EVSE, so if your home can handle it, its no slouch.


It is like a push bike next to the P85D!


VW Group regularly markets NEDC-type range figures in the US, that are 50% overstated. I hope we see “deceptive” thrown VW’s way sometime soon?

The B-class real world range fairly close to 120 miles, on the highway. Yes, you need the, now standard, range package but it is a lot closer to 120, than 87, to be fair…

Tony Williams

Range at 65mph (100km ground speed) on dry, hard surface level road with no wind or cabin climate control with new condition battery at 70F, battery capacity is “useable” amount, not advertised amount. Ranges are at maximum available charge and EPA rating is the maximum published.

LEAF – 4 miles per kWh (250 wattHours per mile) * 21.3kWh = 85.2 miles / EPA 84

24.0kWh total
21.5 kWh usable – 100% charge
19.2kWh stored – 80.0% charge
0.5 kWh unusable

GM / Chevrolet
Spark EV – 5 miles per kWh (200 wattHours per mile) * 19kWh = 95miles / EPA 82

Battery has been changed from 2014 to 2015 (made smaller)

B-Class ED – 3.6*** miles per kWh (278 wattHours per mile) * 31.5kWh = 113 miles / EPA 104

36.0kWh total
31.5kWh usable – full extended charge
28.0kWh usable – full normal charge
1.0 kWh unusable

Rav4 EV – 3.4 miles per kWh (295 wattHours per mile) * 41.8kWh = 142 miles / EPA 113

45.0kWh total
41.8kWh usable – full extended charge
35.0kWh usable – full normal charge
1.0 kWh unusable

Soul EV – 4 miles per kWh (250 wattHours per mile) * 27kWh = 108 miles / EPA 93

32kWh total
27.0 kWh usable – 100% charge
0.5 kWh unusable


I have the car!

Real life driving, starting and stopping, reducing and accelerating without “saving” electrons, 85 miles with extended battery.

That said, at the dealer they were very honest with me. It is a very sweet drive, luxury car, amazingly affordable in a lease (1/3 of the cost of the Tesla), and the range works well for me.

With one added advantage, it is NOT a BMW, so I don’t have to stop at dealer every 2 months to fix something….