Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive Promotion Hits The Airwaves – Video

JUL 28 2014 BY JAY COLE 16

Arriving this month, the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive is the first fully electric vehicle to debut under Daimler’s 3 pointed star logo (we can’t say first electric car in general from the company, as parent Daimler already makes the smart ED).

Mercedes-Benz Starts Promotion Of Their All-Electric B-Class

Mercedes-Benz Starts Promotion Of Their All-Electric B-Class

As we recently aired a lot of new VW e-Golf commercials of late (here, here, here and here), some of the community (MTN Ranger specifically) have felt we should spread the love to other plug-ins looking to a cut themselves out a piece of the US market.


Just as a reminder, the B-Class Ed – from $41,450, has an all-electric range of 104 miles (that is if you spring for the optional range package for $600) – 87 miles without.

The official launch happened earlier this month (July 15th) and we are anxious to start reporting monthly sales for the B-Class ED – look for those results on Friday, July 31st!

For now the Mercedes is only available regionally (CA, CT, MD, OR, NJ, NY, RI and VT), but Daimler promises the product nationwide in “early 2015”.

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Started in CA, now I know of at least one in MA inventory. Not sure if any with the range package have been delivered.

Range Package: The manual is online
“Range Plus” reverts to off, when
-“the charging cable is disconnected”
-“the charging process is complete”

It makes me wonder if there’s a way to set up an alarm, that the outlet has only delivered ~30kwh. Something like that I think would make this car more workable, for those strings of severe winter cold days that one might need to bank on ~70 miles.

The manual seems to heavily discourage/indemnify MB, as to what over-charging can do.

…come to think of it, there is virtue in the above if you think about it from a 2013-15 Volt owner’s perspective. There, anyone charging at 110V, wanting 12 instead of 8 amp charging, needs to effectively remember to set it the moment they get home. That’s because every time the car is moved out of ‘Park’, it defaults back to 8 amps.

Fast charging aside, I’m glad MB didn’t do the above. Their owners will have an easier habit to get into, since they can just hit the button as soon as they start their day (destination charging notwithstanding/shouldn’t matter). The two events in the manual, while happening each day, allow a much bigger window of time for one to remember.

Now, if I could just find Golden Pond I could get on with my summer.

Real world range seems pretty good on regular charging mode. Here is a quote from an owner on the Facebook group:

“I drove 76.6 miles using 78% battery. According to SOC I had 22% remaining. This equates out to a 98.2 mile range. Guess-o-meter indicated 18 more miles available, for a total 94.6 mile range. The GOM has consistently indicated low, which is fine by me.
This was primarily freeway driving, between 65 to 75 (generally in the 65-70 range), AC on because it was nearly 90 degrees here. This was a non-range charge.”

“the best or nothing”… well, nothing than, as long as there is no quick charge option available!

I like the ad with the Spark EV zipping by the Tesla coils better.

At lease MB didn’t have aliens in their commercial.

I really wish InsideEVs showed some Volt commercials…

Oh, that’s right! There aren’t any. šŸ™

They have that really awkward “testimonials” ad…

By “awkward” don’t you mean the aliens ads?

I meant something new and much less embarrasing.

Any word on availability in Canada? The ICE B-class has been on sale in Canada for a few years, and is actually a really common site in some cities.

Clever ad, though I’m not sure how to take the reference to Frankenstein?

I wonder why they couldn’t achieve at *least* 125 miles range with the battery pack they have. If the B-Class had the same consumption as the Leaf, it should be able to go that far. Let alone match what VW or BMW has managed.

“Iā€™m not sure how to take the reference to Frankenstein”

Maybe MB dug through the graveyard of discarded parts to assemble the thing? Let’s see, here’s an old facia from the 90s, here’s a wagon from the 2000s….let’s look over in Tesla’s dumpster too to see if we can find a reject battery…

Why would i want a van?

That thing is not good looking.

Because it has a Tesla drivetrain underneath for half the price?

It’s more of a C-Max than a van.

Amusing commercial. I was hoping for a maniacal laugh from the scientist. Cute nevertheless.

No fast charge = no sale from me though.