Mercedes-Benz Announces New EQ Power Sub Brand


Mercedes-Benz is following in BMW (BMW i) footsteps with the creation of a sub brand specifically for its plug-in vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz EQ

M-B says that beginning this Summer, two sub brands will be put into use. EQ Power will be the brand under which Mercedes will sell its plug-in hybrids and EQ Power + will be the designation used on AMG (performance division) plug-in and conventional hybrids released by M-B.

As Auto Express explains:

“All standard Mercedes plug-in hybrid cars will gain the EQ Power designation from the launch of the upcoming facelifted S-Class onwards, which we expect to arrive this summer. High performance Mercedes-AMG hybrids will carry the EQ Power+ designation as used on this year’s F1 challenger, christened the Mercedes-AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+.”

Though M-B doesn’t expressly states that AMG EQ Power + models will be of the plug-in variety, how many performance hybrids exist that don’t plug-in?

Auto Express says that we should see the first EQ Power + AMG model launch in 2018.

Of course, all of this leads up to the launch of the first long-range, pure electric SUV from M-B. This mid-sized crossover with range of more than 300 miles will launch in 2019, or perhaps even sooner.

Further down the road, M-B says that at least 10 BEVs will carry the EQ Power designation by 2025.

Source: Auto Express

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Hi is this also a full auto drive ?

“Mercedes-AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+”
I’m glad that they went with a name that is easy to pronounce.

MB management: “everyone has these plug in hybrids. We need plug in hybrids. But don’t go crazy with it, ok, just the bare minimum so we can say we have it”

MB buyer: “I’m doing my bit for the environment, see I have this plug in hybrid. Very green car”

Not a BEV in sight. And what is the range of EV? I hope it is more than 30mi. I guess it is a start, and better late than never, but to me MB feels like a “me too” move.

Honestly, what do these companies do with the profits they must make on their luxury brand? Certainly not putting it back into product development in any significant way IMO.

“Not a BEV in sight.”

Well, except for the BEV: