Mercedes-Benz AA Class Introduced Via SNL – Video


Only 9,648 AA Batteries Are Needed To Power The Mercedes-Benz AA Class.

Only 9,648 AA Batteries Are Needed To Power The Mercedes-Benz AA Class.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus did a little “tongue-and-cheek” take on electric cars on Saturday Night Live” this weekend with a “commercial” for the all new Mercedes-Benz AA Class.

Dreyfus calls the AA Class the “first fully electric luxury sedan powered entirely by AA batteries.”

In typical “Saturday Night Live” fashion, there’s more humor than truth, but as we all know, electric Cars like the Tesla Model S are in fact powered by thousands of batteries that are similar in size to the AA (it is just corresponding performance result that differs), so SNL isn’t stretching the truth by too much.

Editor’s Note:  If you happen to be located in the US, one can watch this video on Hulu where it originally appears here.



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You know what these batteries are enough to power this car, but the problem is that Mercedes doesn’t have enough of even these batteries let alone Li ion batteries.

I fail to see the humor in this Silly & Foolish piece of work that makes ZER0 sense anyway you cut it..I think all her $billions $$$ have given her a “BRAIN DRAIN”..How Stupid…..So Sad

Lol. Take a joke, my friend. It’s SNL.

She’s a lost moral , I am not a fan….

“What you and your friends did to that Mercedes AA Class, I wanna party with you…”



I wonder what kind of range you could get from a single set of AA batteries?

Ten or twenty feet?

A set being 9648 of them? Probably around 100 miles. Top speed would be more than 52 miles/hour, too.

AA batteries are about a watt hour capacity under light loads, that means a car with almost 10,000 of them would probably go about 10 miles, even IF they could handle the heavy load, which they can NOT.

If each AA is 1.5v then you can put 200 or more in series then as many as you can from this set in parallel. This way the amount of energy you take from each AA battery is very little. That is how Tesla does it. However these batteries are primary batteries so you can not recharge them! You can do that with Li ion batteries.
Also the nominal voltage of the batteries that Tesla use is more than 3.7V and maybe close to 4.

The Duracel ultra power ones are 5Wh cells, 3400mAh and 1.5V, so they would come close to 50kWh, if used lightly. Power could be as high as 1MW, but then of course the usable energy would be lower. Weight would also be relatively low at just 240kg pure battery mass.

Sorry, power could only be as high as 10kW…

You could use some ultra capacitors between the battery and the load. This way you can get the power you need for a short time.

At such a low power, you could not load the capacitors while driving.

If you already use 10kW for driving and thats not really a lot, you could only use the capacitors for one single burst of power and after that you would still be limited to your 10kW.

Of course you could recoup the braking energy with the capacitors and use that energy to accelerate again, but there would be no sporty driving unless you put in very big capacitors, which defeats the purpose of the AA batteries.

The rating is with a 50 ma load. The Model S requires more than 50,000 watts to accelerate briskly.

scott franco (the evil EV owning republican)

Funny. Unfortunately the real “grain of truth” here is just how wide and far the ignorance of the majority of people about BEVs is.

I didn’t find it funny at all. It wasn’t about MB either. I found it reinforcing many of the false stereotypes that people have about EVs that many of us have been trying to change and in one swoop with this nonsense we’re back to square one.

All that is true. But there’s one big positive I see: People talking about EVs. On TV. On a big, mainstream, network show. Sure, for now, it’s ignorant talk. But maybe it’s a start?

My goodness people, it’s a comedy skit. We have a bunch of people on this forum wound a little too tightly. I thought it was hilarious, myself.

And Nemo is EXACTLY correct. The moment “battery” driven cars are making the skits at SNL, they have become mainstream. This is good news for the EV revolution, not bad news. Who cares if there are promoted misconceptions in the skit? Do you think people actually believe Colon Blow is a real cereal? Look it up, youngsters.

I like reading the postings here most of the time, but GEEZ folks. Lighten the heck up.

Indeed, this was not parady of Electric Cars, but more like against Mercedes’ strong anti-EV attitude that it explicitly refuses to develop compelling electric car.

You are assuming waaay too much.
I’d be very surprised if the skit’s writers knew anything about any carmekers’ EV offerings, or that MB even makes EVs. If they’re making fund of anything at all, it’s MB’s naming conventions for cars in general.

A big, mainstream network show?

You mean like The Simpsons?

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I thought too. Especially the bit about the top speed and the vroom vroom sounds.

Plus it’s been decades since SNL actually said anything funny anyway, so we can take comfort in the fact that only about 12 people actually saw it.

Call him crazy, but Conspiracy guy suspects this is a “Tesla hit gag”, paid for by MB.

Funny bit of satire.
I wonder if there was some of that $10M Koch money invested in this?
(“Follow the money…”)

well it made me laff, not to mention that seeing a MB blow 9000 batteries out everywhere from the quick release is quite memorable.

don’t know when, but pretty sure this will be a reference to some spontaneous disassembly.

that was a good laugh! 😀

I love the “replace battery” display. I can never keep up with my Model S, and it’s hard to find those zones where you can pull the ribbon.

My S came without the quick release ribbon and they wouldn’t fix it under warranty… Claimed it wasn’t even a feature! Very sad.

Jeez, lighten up people.



I would get the rechargeable type batteries and not the battery dump option. I see we are back with e-mails. New servers must be online.

New theme song for insideevs:

We wish, still working on it (~week 2 of the project, lol)

…we are messing about with some stuff though today. Mirror is up for new hardcore infrastructure…will be re-pointed to the new servers (we like to call them ‘SkyNet’) soon-ish.

What year is this? There are amazing cars that use 7000 18650s, only slightly larger (but much better spec) than a typical AA. It does point to how spiteful to the environment and community single-use batteries are. The battery dump was funny.

LOL! I saw this Sat night and was bawling!

The movie “vacation” makes fun of plugins lol.

I almost cracked up laughing, and loved it when she finished with “Batteries Not Included.”