Watch Mercedes-AMG Project One Hit The Road

APR 21 2018 BY C SMITH 7

It’s still a long way from setting a new Nürburgring record.

We’ve seen the Mercedes-AMG Project One quite often since its official unveiling last year. That is, we’ve seen it in pictures, and sitting still at auto shows. Mercedes has been making some big noise recently about the hypercar possibly being the fastest car to ever lap the Nürburgring – as in faster than everything, including race cars – but we haven’t even seen this car move under its own power yet.

That was then. This is now.


Mercedes-AMG Project ONE

Mercedes-AMG brought the Project One to last weekend’s Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in Florida, and a YouTuber happened to be in the right place at the right time with his camera. Or rather, he did his best to hunt down the hypercar in several locations then tracked its movements. The video actually starts off with the car being uncovered in a parking garage, which is interesting enough but not terribly exciting.

That’s why we have the video above set to start a bit forward at the 1:37 mark, showing the Project One on the street headed to its parking spot. Admittedly the action isn’t up to Fast and Furious levels just yet – this is a prototype after all and not legal for road use. But we still get a sense of the car’s presence on the street for the first time, and as-is often the case with such cars, it looks better in its natural habitat. In fact, it some ways it looks less exotic and more production ready. We like production ready.

And then we’re reminded the Project One is very much not production-ready, as it needs a push to get up a fairly mild incline. The videographer says it can’t climb the grade under its own power, but we have no idea if that’s actually true or if there’s another reason why several people are pushing it. We’re also privy to what was apparently something of a confrontation when the AMG people promptly parked the car on a stretch of manicured landscape despite signs instructing everyone to keep off. The Project One may well become the fastest-ever car around the Green Hell, but that’s still not a free pass to park on the green grass.

Anyone else anxious to see what this car can really do outside an auto show or concours event? Come on AMG, let’s light this candle.

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That spine wing thing?? Uggh… Michael Keaton called and said he wanted his Batmobile parts back..

I like the guy that asks, “Does it not go up a hill?”

It Does, Go Up a Hill if 6 Guys Push it Really Really Hard!…………. lmao


The best, or nothing, starts at 3:10. LOL

I thought VW capping its ID Buz as 25mph was clever, but this!

Hi.there.Did anyone EARS if Canadians
Are getting interested in buying EV?

Is this a joke? Tesla revealed their Roadster 2.0, doing back to back 0-60 in <2 sec, nice looking car from a company that supposedly has not made a profit. Konisgegg makes their prototype hyper cars that actually can drive on the track, they're a small company. Rimac makes their EV's that actually go and will set you back $1mil.
But then here you have MB, who made about $13Bil profit in 2017, and this is thing they've made is supposed to set the all time world record at Nurburgring, yet doesn't look like it can barely even move! If you were the CEO of MB I think you would have to be wondering why that is the best effort your team's could come up with. Pathetic at this point in time, they seem like Rocky & Bullwinkle, "nothing up my sleeve!", literally.