Men’s Journal First Drive Review Of Tesla Model S P100DL

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Men's Journal finds the ~$135k price-point of the P100DL Model S quite reasonable compared to its peers

Men’s Journal finds the ~$135k price-point of the P100DL Model S quite reasonable compared to its peers

The latest top of the line verion of the Tesla Model S – the P100DL made a great impression on the Men’s Journal’s.

Top of the line Tesla P100DLs set 0-60 mph times of 2.5 and 2.9 seconds for the Model S and X respectively...but perhaps more importantly stronger high speed metrics too

Top of the line Tesla P100DL Model S sets a 0-60 mph time of 2.4

Initially, the Journal found that the car they were furnished with (in alabaster) was less than extraordinary looking; after all, all the models are essentially identical, and the updated fascia doesn’t scream any particular uniqueness, while the interior finishes also offer no clue as to what kind of power lurks inside the beast.

Even a stop at a busy Tesla Supercharging station garnered the latest P100DL no extra attention from ‘those in the know’.

Only the understated/underlined P100DL badging truly gives away the cars abilities, at least until the Men’s Journal unleashed “Ludicrous Mode” acceleration for themselves, which they then compared to a rocket “?.”

“But the P100D is so much more than bleeding-edge technology and massive horsepower.

The sensation of accelerating in a P100D is almost beyond words. All you need to do to have fun in the P100D is pin the accelerator and not let go, whether in Sport or Ludicrous modes (the latter unleashes the full fury). The experience transforms the inoffensive sedan into a veritable missile. From a dead stop, Tesla estimates that the Model S P100D can accelerate to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. I can’t confirm the time objectively, but the seat of my pants struggled to keep up.”

This was Tesla's "booth" at the LA Auto Show ... not terribly exciting (InsideEVs/Tom M)

This is Tesla’s “booth” at the LA Auto Show … not terribly exciting (InsideEVs/Tom M)

We should note that obviously the Men’s Journal didn’t get the note, or rather “Easter Egg” that the P100DL Model S sedan will soon have a 0-60 mph time of 2.4 seconds thanks to an upcoming software update.

Naturally, other stuff like the 315 miles of all-electric range, the soon to be activated/enhanced self-driving hardware, great infotainment system, over-the-air software updates and endless litany of advantages made the $135,500 price tag a reasonable one to the Men’s Journal, especially as there is no direct competitor on the market yet.

The interesting question we come away with is:  Should the top end of the Model S lineup have more styling clues to say that the P100DL means business?  Or is understated all the way through the trims the way to go?

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As I read the “Men’s Journal” comment’s, I mentally added Tim Allen grunts of approval.

More… POWER!!!

“Only the understated/underlined P100DL badging”

Is that correct. Is the “L” really on the badge?

Best I can tell the “L” is not on the badge.

Ludicrous mode is indicated with the underline being present under the icon

…I guess kinda of an appropriate thing to talk about given the discussion centering around the confusion between models/lack of distinction.

Here is a non Ludicrous as a comp:

The badge does not have an “L”. Instead, it uses underlining to indicate the car is equipped for Ludicrous mode.

That’s true of all Tesla’s Ludicrous mode cars, not just the P100.

…now that is timing. Couldn’t have said it better (or linked to exactly the same image) myself, lol.

thx for the response!

Wow, Jay, some sort of cosmic level of serendipity there!

Jay’s post and mine were posted at exactly the same second, linking to exactly the same image. I should run out and buy a lottery ticket ASAP. 😉

…oops, make that the same minute, not necessarily the same second. 😳

You actually nicked mine by about 8 seconds, so if there was a content being held…you won, (=

Believe me, those of us who do not have a P100DL as our daily driver are jealous. If the Shet-Eating grin on the driver’s face is not enough to differentiate it from the pack, just leave the Monroney sticker in the window, put a big stripe down the middle, or replace the exhaust pipe with a really loud one… Oh wait, never mind.

Rocket..I’m takin a Rocket…

When I saw Astronaut Jones I was expecting a parody of “Basketball Jones” 😀

Its nice for a change that the car is understated, rather than full of fake scoops and gills and other useless crap.

There will always be ricers out there that will make it “unique”.