Menacing Tesla Model S Rendering

JAN 14 2016 BY MARK KANE 10

A Tesla Model S Refresh Doesn't Appear To Be On The Horizon

Tesla Model S

A Tesla Model S quicker than any P90D with Ludicrous Mode and race-ready?

Well the “Tesla, Got Wings?” art by Khyzyl Saleem, a concept artist at EA Ghost Games, looks like it might fit that description.

Definitely worthwhile to consider building one for real, don’t you think? ¬†Or maybe just too much modding?

Source: Khyzyl Saleem via

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In this new era of not really ever -owning- a car to do with what you will, particularly a Tesla, will Tesla even allow you to do this?

Won’t the car essentially narc you off to the vehicle manufacturer who can brick your car at will?

If you buy your car, you can do whatever you what to it.

Yea! You’re Paying Enough for It! Why Not!

If anyone thinks that Tesla would not have a problem with an owner changing the ride height and/or putting on extra-wide and/or offset wheels and tires essentially changing the suspension geometry, then you simply haven’t been paying attention and are sadly under-informed.

My friend wanted to put a Tesla driveline and electronics in his custom stretched VW Vanagon. He bought a damaged Tesla, got it running, and before he could begin the conversion Tesla refused to sell him parts and threatened to disable the car remotely. This guy is no amateur, he is the designer/creator of the Zilla motor controllers.

You will have to click on “Archives” if you go to this link because the project is essentially dead and/or on indefinite hold-

No. You don’t -own- it.

Wow, that sucks. So I guess I won’t phone my local Tesla and price out a rear drive unit for my 52 Ford Crestline. Guess i’ll have to figure out another way to do a rear motor EV pro-mod.

Not really as pretty as a regular ‘S IMO.

There, now it actually looks ludicrous.

How soon until the motors overheat? Will it do more than one lap?

what, you missed the intercooler built into the wing? This goes like stink for 1000 laps, no overheat, EVUHh.
Unfortunately, the weight of the aero downforce and .05 series racing rubber limits it to 2 miles AER.