Melbourne Suburb To Become Tesla Town?

JUL 16 2016 BY MARK KANE 9

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall

A mini-suburb on the outskirts of the Melbourne could become a so called “Tesla Town” or “world’s first Tesla suburb” as Tesla Powerwalls are planned for every home.

Property group, Glenvill launched a project called YarraBend, which will include around 2,500 new dwellings (“a mix of free standing houses, townhouses and apartments with three to five bedrooms, ranging in price from $1.48 million to $2.1 million”).  The first 60 homes went on sales in mid-July.

Standard feature to be Tesla home energy storage system and rooftop solar, although size was not disclosed. On top of that there will be option of charging station.

source: One Step Off The Grid

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I suppose if you buy 2500 units you’ll get a pretty good price and planning for them from start is cheaper than retrofitting. It’s good advertising for Tesla as well.

If an apartment costs $1.48 million I suspect the build cost is unimportant. Great to see green becoming a sales pitch.

Let’s setup a go fund me account and send pushmi-pullyu, rexxxx, and get real in a one way ticket.

Let’s send you and your Outback to the real Outback and call it a day!


Obvious we’d love to have all of you but unfortunately we’re full.

Sorry, maybe if Pauline Hason manages to get our wild population growth under control we could take you in the future if you bring skills that our economy requires or a f*** load of money.


Thank you for your support! 😉

Bravo Melbourne, way to go. Ideally Britain should find a way to go Electric cars since its a small island.

On the list of Largest Islands, Great Britain comes in at #8.

And I suppose New Zealand is just a bit of rock sticking out of the water. As for Midway, well I guess a flyspeck like that isn’t even worthy of mention.