A Mega-Zilla From Manzanita Micro

MAR 24 2015 BY TDILLARD 18

Okay, the guys over at Manzanita Micro are kind of mad-scientist-inventor-speed-freaks who should probably lay off the coffee for a bit before posting to Facebook, but what fun would that be?  And yes, we stalk everybody on Facebook.  But here’s what we saw the other day on their feed:

This is THE DC Controller that I have been dreaming about building since I took on the Zilla controller line. This is a 4000 amp 400 volt DC speed controller: 1.6 MW or 1,600,000 watts. that’s 2144 Hp should you have a battery and a motor that can live at this level.

It’s only 72 lbs, water cooled IGBT transistors, LOTs of copper for thermal hang time, and transfer. Like only copper can do.It’s good to be building The Big One again.

This unit is #2. Otmar built the first one 5 years ago.  This one is about 90% together, it will run this week.

If someone tells you that you don’t need more power?  Walk away.  You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

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Holy crap. I can’t wait for the hobbyists to stick this thing into old gas cars and create an EV that drives like a bat out of hell.

This unit will probably only work with a purpose built motor (single), not a dual motor setup (requiring a Hairball interface). But yeah, it’s happening…

Reminds me of an old Ernie cartoon where Ernie jump starts a little Jap car off of Ernies ’56 Desoto (The ones with the fins).

Last frame is the little jap car flipped over on it’s back

too much torque

a dream come true 🙂

Uh, the operative statement in this megalomania is this one: “… should you have a battery and a motor that can live at this level.”

I can’t even begin to imagine the battery size and power density needed to make that run full tilt, or motor(s). But, let’em try it … sounds like fun to me!

Amtrak may be interested.

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

Sure, we’ll just retrofit my Leaf, then it will do 0-60 in… Damn! How did I wind up on the moon?

Battery pack to feed the monster not nearly as difficult as building a motor that can take that kind of current.

A regular Z2K-HV can throughput ~500kW. That is generally enough to out-perform the ICE folks.

Lots of conversation on the subject at the NEDRA Facebook Group-

AFAIK, only one vehicle has a motor that has survived this kind of 4000A feeding-

You do not necessarily need a big motor to handle the current if you can use 4 motors for each wheel. 😉

Maybe they are planning to do railway engines too.


Don’t want to split hairs but your mW should read MW.


Yes, had to stop and make sense of that a for a bit. Should be changed to MW.

Excellent! I’ve just perfected the Mr. Fusion, which can produce up to 1.21 Gigawatts!

(in case you didn’t want to do the math, that’s 1 million horsepower)

1600 KW is for the kind of power an HST motor is working at (1100 KW), but the voltage is 1500-1800 Volts instead of 400 Volts.
It would also be the kind of power an electrified ATR42 would need for its propellers.
On the battery side it would take, for a one hour flight, two sets of 18 Tesla model S 85 KWh type batteries, one for each of the two propellers. Not sure it can handle the 20+ tons associated with that though.

No, according to this data table the ATR 42 would not be able to lift the associated battery:


So the time of flight would need to be less than 1 hour (or better batteries).


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