Meet the Nissan Pedestrian On Wheels Zero Emissions Concept


Nissan Motor is hard at work on multiple versions of what it believes is the future of autonomous, zero-emissions vehicles.

Wonder What Would Happen If You Tried to Drive Your EV Here?

Wonder What Would Happen If You Tried to Drive Your EV Here?

Here we present Nissan’s Pedestrian on Wheels Concept.

Nissan envisions this concept as something buyers could use out on public roads and even inside a crowded shopping mall.

Nissan refers to the Pedestrian on Wheels concept as a self-guided tourist van and says that this concept is what it believes consumers will want in the next decade or two.

Nissan’s Rachel Nguyen, director of advanced planning, has this to say of Nissan’s far-off concepts:

“These ideas may seem far out, but we have to look out beyond the usual four- and five-year horizon because things are changing so fast. They could actually happen sooner than you expect.”

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Or you could just walk.

Crazy japanese are not afraid to do useless stuff…

It would be cheaper to get a Golf Cart and the Golf Cart could run over things easier and faster.

And this is different from a golf cart, how? Well, other than the square wheels of course…

It looks like a high-heeled shoe.

The snarky comments I see here are disappointing. I’d have thought that readers of an EV website, who understand that using a vehicle that is different to what most people use today, would be able to see that vehicles like this concept may have their place one day. Too many people are scared of a car that can “only” go 70 miles and refuse to consider driving one themselves. Well, what about short trips in town, that don’t use the highway? If the car cost much less than LEAF, and was partly autonomous, and cost a few dollars a day to rent, would that scare a LEAF owner? It shouldn’t.

We should be happy to see more classes of vehicles being developed. I’m sad to see comments like “golf cart” and “just walk” here.

I think many Americans still have a love of driving themselves around… controlling the vehicle. It is one of the ways we perceive freedom. Some are not comfortable with all of their commuting data being stored in mainframes somewhere. So the “autonomous vehicle” idea is likely to have a long adoption curve. It will be tough for marketers to mitigate these concerns. One (probably not I) might comment intelligently on a market analysis article. Others are interested in speed. I am not. I am interested in total commute time. So give me a “golf cart” with zero traffic jams or stop lights and I will be happy. In fact I have always enjoyed driving golf carts. Especially around golf courses. So I don’t get the negative stereotype. Some want their cars to be visually appealing. I don’t. Cars are tools, when you get right down to it. If a car looked like a giant suppository, I could get on board… literally. I might paint it brown and put an Ex-Lax decal on it, and drive it with aerodynamic pride. I might even shave my head just to complete the aerodynamic picture. But if the car is going to look goofy…… Read more »