Meet The New $1,125 Flow Electric Scooter With 50-Mile Range


22Motors launches new fully electric, AI-driven smart scooter

In many of the world’s emerging markets, small displacement two-wheelers dominate the roads and make up the majority of the vehicles purchased. Because of this, the emergence of new electric technology has lead to an array of new e-startups out of China and India. The latest company to try its luck in the electric scooter market is India’s 22Motors which just unveiled its Flow scooter.

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A look underneath the fiberglass bodywork on the Flow

On the surface the Flow looks like any other electric scoot, however underneath its fiberglass bodywork the model hides some pretty impressive tech. 22Motors developed an app that accompanies the Flow which utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning—or “Contact Learning” as 22Motors calls it—that goes beyond the basic Bluetooth connectivity and GPS we’ve become accustomed to on modern bikes and scooters.

An LCD dash is another impressive touch considering the Flow's price

Along with the usual GPS, alerts for texts, calls, geo-fencing capabilities, theft alerts, and traffic/road condition updates, the scooter’s software also records user data and inputs and learns the owner’s typical behavior. After establishing something of a baseline, the Flow is able to detect and warn its rider if any unusual change in behavior/riding is detected. The Flow is also able to give alert for service schedule needs, and it can even order parts automatically so they arrive when before or when they’re needed.

22Motors also engineered the scooter with business use in mind, developing a fleet management and monitoring system that can be employed by companies that utilize fleets of Flows. Plus, all the data being recorded is sent directly to the cloud where it can be remotely viewed.

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A look at 22Motors' smartphone app

The Flow pulls juice from cloud-connected lithium ion batteries and a controller which were developed in-house by 22Motors. Power is supplied to a 2.1kW Bosch hub motor—equipped with regenerative braking capable of recycling more than five percent of the battery’s life—which is housed in the rear-wheel. With a weight of less than 190 pounds, the Flow offers a claimed top-speed of around 40 miles per hour and, according to press materials, the Flow puts down more than tens times the torque of the Honda Activa which means it should produce no less than 65 foot-pounds.

The Flow scooter boasts LED lighting throughout

The battery can be fully charged in about five hours via a standard charger, though a quick-charger allows for four times faster charging. A full battery gives the Flow a range of 50 miles, though 22Motors says it can fit two batteries to extend its range. The Flow can also be charged for just ten minutes and then can travel more than ten miles, in case a short trip is needed.

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While the Flow doesn't have the sexiest design, it's nonetheless an impressive package

Other noteworthy features include underseat storage large enough to fit a full-face helmet, a reverse gear for easy parking, USB port, disc brakes fore and aft, cruise control, and full LED lighting. I’d argue the Flow’s industrial design is a tad underwhelming, however its appeal clearly lies in its tech and commuter friendly nature. Regular production for the Flow is scheduled for sometime later this summer. Pricing is reportedly pretty reasonable too, at just $1,125.

For more info you can click here to check out 22Motors’ website.

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Link to 22Motors not working. Also, doing a search, their website is not working except for a picture of the bike and a price.

Will it be sold outside of India?

I would never buy something made in a country where gang rape and the raping and murder of children(!) is COMMON.

See for yourself:

I don’t buy products from countries where school shootings are COMMON and happen every 2 weeks and dozens of children get slaugtered and politicians do nothing.

Ouch the truth hurts.

Funny, the BBC doesn’t seem to be interested in covering the rape crisis in its own backyard. Don’t worry, The NY Times has it covered:

It seems to me that the Indians are quite self critical and are working to find solutions to their societal problems. That is more than what the Europeans and Americans are doing.

Wtf did I just read? How can that be possible in UK? That is just horrifying. I heard similar things about immigrants in Sweden, but UK? Oh my freaking god. How can governments be so blind when immigrants rape their children…

Wow you have high moral standard LOL so you must make everything yourself LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP

How about a country where mass shootings are common ?

The specs and price point of this scooter are impressive. Cheaper than most ebikes, faster than 50cc scooters. I would definitely consider owning a scooter like this if they were available in the US.

How so? The most relevant spec, battery capacity, isn’t given. The typical Chinese electric scooter (~25-30mph top speed, 25-30mi range) costs $500.

Believe it when you see it.

“Pricing is reportedly pretty reasonable too, at just $1,125.”

Pretty reasonable? How about ‘a steal’? Most e-scooters offered here are thousands of euros, and then top speed is 40 km/h instead of more than 60.

I was thinking the same. It would be cheap for an e-bike. The quality have to good though. There are so much garbage products for sale. There was a small test for quality on regular mopeds, and two electric mopeds. Almost all failed except Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and another brand. The tester said that now the best quality was from 3-400ccm engines and larger – due to outsourcing of production of smaller bikes. There were a few exception. I had a Chinese made scooter, that was NOTHING but problems. . . So my next motorcycle will be Japanese or European for sure. Unless several long, proper tests show a bike I like with high quality. Bikes (sub 400ccm) have really NO proper quality testing at all. Not like cars that have several tests, statistics on breakdowns, and stuff like that. I find that strange, since the products are cheaper. Just get 75 guys, let them test 25 bikes. 3 persons ride the same model. Drive all over Europe, or the US – and really cover long distances in different climates, road conditions, and start to log problems, list parts that have to be replaced, the price for parts and work,… Read more »

Where is showroom in India

Showroom in India required quickly detail & live .