Meet Tess – The Robot Who’s Bringing Sexy Back To Tesla


Courtesy of Bigshot Toyworks comes TESS, the sexy Tesla robot.

It seems TESS is bringing SEXY back to Tesla Motors, but what in the world is TESS?

As Bigshot Toyworks explains:

“Here’s a concept I’ve been kicking around for a while. When robots are used in advertising, we’ve seen them blow things up, battle each other, play football..and even dance (a LOT of dancing robots!) My thought was to utilize a more delicate frame. The unmistakably sexy silhouette of the classic spokes-model/pin-up girl lent to a futuristic humanoid creation, where those sleek lines speak to the artistry of engineering as well as an appealing aesthetic design. I imagine this as a series for well received products that blend superior craftsmanship with a keen eye for pleasing lines.”

“Each robot will adopt key design elements making them immediately recognizable as a representative for the product they hold. TESS is the first in this series, representing the TESLA corporation and their ground breaking electric cars.”

“Where TESLA’s vehicles marry the sporty style consumers love with an Earth-friendly sustainable energy source, TESS incorporates an elegant frame glowing with possibility.”

So, a marketing gimmick.  Darn it…we thought TESS would be an add-on option once Tesla’s autonomous (auto-pilot) feature arrives.





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This isn’t the original *sexy* robot. 🙂

Now that is really messed up…

She looks like a robotic goat to me.

is that a mustang floating above her hand?

While a toy doll may look harmless and fun, company’s take use of their brand and trademarks very seriously.

Expect that “Bigshot Toyworks” will be getting a letter from TESLA lawyers for unauthorized use of their brand, logo, model s (design outline) and font. All of which have registered trademarks, and/or copyright protection. A little free PR will likely cost BIGSHOT real big money.

Seems “Bigshot Toyworks” picked TESLA brand over Honda which has the more visible ASIMO robots, or GM also known for showing off their production robots. BIGSHOT knows the bigboyes will be quick to react having delt with many cases of brand infrengement, but is counting on Tesla being slower to respond.

If you think this is not a big deal, ask InsideEVs why they didn’t crop the photos (above) to remove the BIGSHOT brand logo from the images? (remove some of the extra space from these big images)

Messing with “brand” adding/removing is only done with consent of the owner unless you’re willing to pay for the privilege.

Yeah, my first question was “is this Tesla authorized” because it sure doesn’t look like something they would do.

Besides, Tesla has has said multiple times that they need to appeal more to women. I’m pretty sure this is going the other direction.

Maybe this is the Chinese Tesla company 🙂


“immediately recognizable as a representative for the product they hold.”
How? I see no other connection / simularities than the fact he wrote TESLA on it.

A robot with high heels and a small waist, really original. How many times has that been done by first year graphic arts students alone?

Just type an image search for sexy robot ad and you’ll get hundreds of similar images.

And a phone call from IT or HR


I’ve got a feeling that Bigshot Toyworks is a first year graphics design student.

Is this worthy of recognition by InsideEVS? No it is not. The car it is “holding” is not even a Tesla. To me, it looks like a Dodge Charger. A SMOG-BELCHING GAS GUZZLER!

Those Duke boys don’t mean no harm. They just need to get to the other side of the ravine.


Now sexism doesn’t even have to be organic… Just a big NO on this.


Maybe it’s been a slow news day, and I can undersand that must be extra hard given the narrow focus of this site, but Youtube videos of “pay no attention to the man behind that curtain!”, “I drew a picture of a prototype that will never see the light of day” and “I’m a first-year graphics design student trying to get sued by Tesla” aren’t worth writing about.

When Robert Abel & Associates created “Brilliance”, the first 100% computer animated commercial, for the 1984 SuperBowl, an animated “sexy robot” was cutting edge stuff.

Somehow, I suspect Tesla Motors wants something a bit newer than 30 years old.


Okay, kdawg, how did you get your picture to post here?

And are you really a computer animated bulldog?

Avatar test… 🙂

It’s gravatar based (so its universal wherever you drop your email)…which you can sign up for here

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I’m surprised it isn’t modeled on Elon’s wife.

I need her for my HOV

She looks like a tart!
When I read the headline, I was expecting Robbie.

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