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CNBC’s Phil Lebeau set out to see whether or not Tesla’s “Meet Model X” tour is popular. What he discovered is that the various events are hugely popular and have been very successful at converting reservations holds into buyers.

Video description:

“Five months after launching its electric SUV, the Model X, Tesla is making a push to convert reservations into official orders, doing it the old fashion way, with test drives.”

Prior to the start of the “Meet Model X” tour, most reservations holders had never seen the X in person. The tour provides select individuals a chance to actually check out the electric SUV before buying.

Upcoming tour dates are posted below:

Meet Model X tour Dates

Meet Model X tour Dates

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A good plan.

Not a lot happening in the NE-NW Parts of the Country. 🙁

What, no Tesla bashers in that video, complaining that it looks like the front and rear door handles might be half a millimeter out of alignment, if you bend down and look at them from two inches away?!?!

I’m shocked. SHOCKED, I say! 😀

Well, since it is made in the USA, by a company with Aerospace coonections, I would think such complaints should use “are out of alignment by 7 thousandths of an inch!” :^)

Hmm, Aerospace coonections doesn’t sound like a real company.

Yeah, and I predict that the Model X will follow the same path as the Model S and relatively quickly become the biggest seller in the luxury SUV market.

This is important because of the very lucrative and rapidly growing market for SUVs around the world and the X will become a big profit center for Tesla.

The haters/short-sellers won’t like it but they are also going to have even bigger worries after a very compelling model 3 is revealed and generates over a hundred thousand reservations.

In the $100k+ SUV market, sure, but only because that’s such a tiny market right now.

Overall, luxury SUVs cost a lot less than large luxury sedans. X5 and X6 cost less than 6 and 7 series, Cayenne and Cajun less than Panamera, GL/GLE less than S, Q5 less than A7/A8, etc.

The Model S is price competitive with a lot of large sedans, but the Model X is quite a bit more expensive. The X won’t disrupt the market like the S did.

And yet, Tesla has been accumulating initial Model X orders faster than initial Model S orders.

Whether the MX will “disrupt” the market is, I suppose, a matter of viewpoint. But initial indications suggest it’s likely to sell about as well as the Model S.

Just as a test run, we are going to attempt to keep this comment specific to the topic at hand – Model X test drives/consumer reaction.

No offshoots related to policy, financials Gigafactory, etc. as it seems most every Tesla-related thread as become (there will be plenty of opportunity for those on other threads)

That makes sense.

The reason I and other posters went off-tangent on this post is that CNBC’s LeBeau is a cheerleader (not just on this occasion) without any critical reporting.

That would be ok if he worked for an enthusiast site, but he is working for a (at least that’s what CNBC calls itself) a financial network.

hmm can’t watch that video on work, is it available on another site?


I posted the above before reading your comment about the policy re no financial discussion. My apologies.

And I hope this policy becomes standard going forward. I don’t think InsideEVs has been improved by so many comments that are little if any more than arguments between TSLA stock short-sellers and long-sellers.

Yes, I agree. I look forward to reading and enjoying both the articles and the ensuing conversations in the future without having to wade through copious amounts of basically spam from a few posters with obvious financial agendas regarding Tesla.

I personally have no money invested in Tesla. I simply appreciate their numerous efforts to date in advancing the EV revolution and I want to keep up to date here without the spam.