Meet The Self-Driving Car That Smiles And Acknowledges Pedestrians – Videos

SEP 15 2016 BY JAY COLE 19

Tesla’s Autopilot system is currently pushing the limits of automated driving assistance and, like other automakers, ultimately plans to release self-driving cars.  As another example of this, BMW (with Intel and Mobileye) recently announced plans to have its fully autonomous (level 5) in operation for 2021.

Semcon's "Smiling Car" Acknowledges Pedestrians

Semcon’s “Smiling Car” Acknowledges Pedestrians

But what of the common pedestrian when that autonomy hits city streets?

Traditionally, crossing a busy road involves watching not only for an oncoming vehicle to slow, but for the driver to make eye contact with the pedestrian to acknowledge the foot traveler, forming an unspoken bond of trust that it is “ok” to cross.

Enter Semcon, and it “Smiling Car“!

“Today there are clear agreements on how cars must indicate when changing lanes. We now need to develop a common language for how self-driving cars will interact with pedestrians,” Markus Granlund, Semcon president and CEO.

Semcon says the next step for the concept is to possibly refine it with eye tracking systems and laser (LIDAR) technology – to give the car a better understanding of its environment, and the people around it.

Great idea?  Bad idea?  …or maybe just a good idea that needs to be toned down a bit?

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I guess this would be too intimidating:

Great idea. If there is a slow vehicle ahead, the Semcon car can get behind it and display an angry emote.

Next will be autonomous road rage.

Yes. Does it have a “Murder Face”?

I goes into Pac-Man mode, munching up pedestrians.

I’m thinking more along the lines that two differently branded autonomous cars turn into robot-wars in the middle of the street. Hmmmm, might make a good short film.

We really don’t need this. Seriously.

Yeah, we don’t walk/don’t walk signs either.

They’re shoving all this “RIDICULOUS” garbage down everyone’s throats , when Most do NOT want It! I would never use such a feature..Although I agree with certain “SAFETY” features ie: auto braking FOR ONE amongst other safety features.. These DICTATORS are doing this for “CONTROL” Reasons..Maybe so they can Decide weather you Crash or NOT , & how severe the crash will or will not be!!LETS NOT FORGET., THEY’RE ATTEMPTING TO CONTROL OUR FATE.. Unless they give us the right to refuse And not have these INSTALLED in any shape or form what so ever. PERIOD!

Take your meds.

This just begs to be hacked….

People don’t look at the grille if they are looking for eye contact with the driver. I don’t think this is good place for pedestrian recognition signal. My suggestion would be green light in A pillar that blinks few times when a street crossing pedestrian is recognized.

I was thinking sound. That would work w/the blind as well.

How about a middle finger instead

Interaction modes with autonomous machines is a rapidly emerging challenge for product designers and users (witness JIMIJON’s reply above, and no slight on him/her as this is a completely natural response). Interesting that we humans are at our dumbest when confronted with the unknown (i.e., with changes in our environment that don’t fit patterns we have previously experienced).

Why should I be forced into Accepting something that I do not desire, want Nor need. Everything isn’t for everyone., It doesn’t make a person “DUMB” for refusing to accept something that is “USELESS” to them*. I buy according to my needs & wants.

I smile whenever I see an electric car.

We don’t need silly smiling displays.

Just some new kinds of “standard” lights on the front, to let pedestrians know that car has “seen” them.

Green lights perhaps.

“Green lights perhaps.”

Using a traffic signal color could lead to disastrous results. Think poor visibility conditions. AFAIK, only white(ish) and yellow lights can point forward from an automobile.