Meet The Renault Zoe Shark Edition


If you like the electric Renault ZOE and like sharks, then this may be the perfect EV for you.

The traditional Renault ZOE

The traditional Renault ZOE

This was a fan-made design. Sten used his creativity and added a shark graphic to the ZOE and we must admit, it fits rather well.

If you want to stand out from everything else on the road, this is absolutely one way to accomplish that.

We suppose a professional vehicle wrap would be able to accomplish something unique if desired.

If you are interested in the Renault ZOE itself, you can check out a few of the specs on it by following the link here.

What do you think of the Renault ZOE Shark Edition?  Perhaps you’d prefer something a little less intimidating for your EV.  Like maybe a cow edition?  That’s been done too.

Renault ZOE in france.

Renault ZOE in France.

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Why they try to put a joker face on all the electric cars?

Fitting, since it *is* the last day of Shark Week.

Oh, thank [insert deity of choice]!!!