Meet The R-Zentric Tesla Model 3R By RevoZport


RevoZport R-Zentric Model 3R…say that one five times fast.

After the aftermarket aerokit for Tesla Model X (and earlier the Model S), Hong Kong-based RevoZport Racing Technology is now introducing a special package for the Tesla Model 3, called R-Zentric Model 3R.

It’s designed to increase performance through extended trackwidth by 30mm overall (by 15mm on each side), lighter wheels (21″ forged aluminum), aero kit (light carbon composite parts), enlarged brakes and a trick geometry setup. The cost of the package is $9,500, which is a lot of cash, but it does provide you with a unique-looking Model 3. Hot or not? You decide.

“As the name suggests, the R-Zentric M3R is designed with a focus on the Model 3 achieving a ‘Rack Track’ type performance. By extending the track width by 15mm on each side, accommodating the front with the lightweight forged aluminum wheels in 9J with 255 tires while the rear wheels at 11J with 305mm tires. The setup ensures that the highest demands of power delivery particularly when cornering are achieved and that maximum traction is continuously maintained.

The aero kit, particularly, the rear end of the Model 3R is heavily inspired by the new Tesla Roadster. Designed entirely through CAD and CFD, the carbon fiber composite components fitted to the Model 3R are custom designed following extensive research and using sophisticated state of the art manufacturing processes that deliver to the very highest quality standards.

*All carbon fiber are finished with a choice of Gloss, Matt/Satin or Forged”

RevoZport R-Zentric Model 3R
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RevoZport R-Zentric Model 3R RevoZport R-Zentric Model 3R RevoZport R-Zentric Model 3R

Form the shop:

Product Name: RevoZport R-Zentric Model 3R
P/N: T MO3 2 M3R K100

Description: Complete Aerokit consist of 15 pcs of add on parts including the following:

  • Front Splitter with Side Blades
  • Front Extended Fenders
  • Extended Side Skirts
  • Rear Ground Tunnel System
  • M3R GT Spoiler

Material: Carbon Kevlar Composite

Price: $9,500 for both versions – Carbon (Gloss/Matte)

Source: RevoZport

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I Prefer The Original Stock Factory Look .

That’s the way the Performance Model 3 should look, Tesla’s competitors all get body modifications for improved aerodynamics, for high performance driving. And if your spending 70k and up it should look more like a sports car then just looking like the standard model with a few little extras anyone could easily stick on.

that looks awful

The profile looks a little too much like a Model 3 mated with an Evo 10 or STi, but not too bad.

There goes your range…

Maybe maybe not.

Hard to say unless your have data to back it up.

$9500.00 before installation, I would put it more like $750.00, looks nice but still strictly cosmetic.
If it were ABS Plastic it would be below $300.00, there be will lots more body kits for a lot less very soon.

Some go-faster stripes would work too. What a waste of time calling it RevoZport,, implying it might be a performance enhancement, when it is just a pimp-job. Show me a significant performance enhancer mod and I might pay $10k.

Black tacked on cladding. Looks more like a crossover and less sporty.