Meet Nozzie, The World’s Saddest Gas Nozzle – Video


Nozzie Sure Is Sad

Nozzie Sure Is Sad

“Nozzie has a tough day.”

Says the description included with this video.

Though a Tesla Model S is featured, the focus in this Ajar Pictures video is on electric vehicles in general, but more specifically on the fact that BEVs need no gas.

Nozzie sure is sad that he can’t pump gas into the electric vehicles, but in the end, when the whole world drives electric vehicles, there’s still a use for Nozzie.

Watch the video to see the form Nozzie takes on in his second life.

  • Director: Greg Bradley
  • Director of Photography: John Schmidt
  • Editor: Mark Tran
  • Score: Samuel Diaz

Hat tip to Michael Thwaite!!!

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Okay, I laughed…

Yes it brought a smile to my face.
Well done !

That is funny! I couldn’t tell whether Nozzie was happy with his new life watering the lawn or not.

The eye’s were still droopy, but he/she did have a smile.

Well, he seemed happy to get a bath, at least.

Music certainly ain’t blues. Should the Tesla driver have EVed the F-150 driver by parking in front of the pump?

Or is it P-EV’d. Pronounced ‘peeved’; as in, if you Park an EV at a pump, it will make others peeved.


+1 Martin

Here’s something from Tower of Power: “There’s only so much oil in the ground”

The last line of James Taylor’s “Traffic Jam” also seems a good choice.

“Now I used to think that I was cool
running around on fossil fuel,
Until I saw what I was doing
was driving down the road to ruin.”

This was funny.

Of course the gas stations in my area are real busiers so they would most likely go out cruising and kicking.