Meet The Dubuc Tomahawk – The Sub-$100,000 Long-Range BEV Supercar

DEC 19 2014 BY MARK KANE 17

Dubuc Tomahawk prototype

Dubuc Tomahawk prototype

Earlier this year a Canadian company called Dubuc Motors based in Montreal presented a prototype of Tomahawk – an electric kit car with aluminum chassis.

This month, Dubuc Motors announced that it is moving forward on the track to develop and unveil in 2016 a production version of the car.

“The Tomahawk is ready to revolutionize the world as the first and only all electric sports car offering an extended range. Where mechanics and software unite and function continuously in perfect unison, creating a new generation of green cars. The much awaited 2 + 2 seater AWD will include the best automotive technologies driving the latest software applications to complement the ecstasy that awaits. Furthermore allowing programs to update and detect or troubleshoot problematic issues in real time.”

“In 2016, DUBUC MOTORS SLC will unveil the 2017 Tomahawk and showcase a taxi vehicle of which a utility model will also derive from the very same chassis utilized for the Tomahawk supercar. The curvaceous body is as much seductive as aggressive appealing to the masses by bringing unsurpassed value and is expected to retail for under 100K.”

“The company introduces another first in the industry making all of their vehicles come standard with an adjustable height air suspension. The all aluminum Tomahawk also amazes by conveniently welcoming the big and tall (6 foot 5, 275 lbs) with a luxurious interior cab forward design and a customizable dashboard setting.”

It’s expected that the production version of Tomahawk will accelerate from 0-60 MPH in just over three seconds with a top speed of 140 mph, while the range will be 275 miles.

To achieve the goal of developing such a car, Dubuc Motors is searching for investors:

“DUBUC MOTORS SLC is now seeking investors for the production of its electric vehicles and recently listed their business on famed angel website platforms making it public to a pool of investors. “We are at the forefront of something huge! Millions of dollars in grants from the government are available, it’s the perfect time to invest” says co-founder and COO Mike Kakogiannakis.”

“The demand and shift to all electric vehicles is on the rise, electric vehicle sales rose 361% last year in the United States which holds a 26% market share of global sales and is speeding toward 7% of all global sales by 2020. It is estimated that more than 35 Million electric vehicles will be on roads worldwide by 2022.”

See offer on the AngelList.

Dubuc Tomahawk prototype

Dubuc Tomahawk prototype

Dubuc Tomahawk prototype

Dubuc Tomahawk prototype

Dubuc Tomahawk prototype

Dubuc Tomahawk prototype

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“To achieve the goal of developing such a car, Dubuc Motors is searching for investors”

I bet they are..


Two adults and occasionally two (uncomfortable)passengers.

If you look at 2:23 in the newscast video it really doesn’t look like there is a space for passengers behind the two front seats.

How much did Dubuc pay to have this advertorial published here?

Hey John, just for clarity’s sake (not sure if you are kidding or not):

InsideEVs has NEVER taken any sponsorship deal of any kind. Nor have we even accepted a free meal, plane ride to a debut or autoshow…or even a ‘free’ chotchkie. Something I’m pretty sure you can’t say for just about anyone else in this business.

InsideEVs is independently run, has no corporate mothership – so there is no ‘pressure’ from above to do anything we don’t want to.

Of the 8,000+ stories here the past couple years, all have been written purely on our whim based on what we feel is of interest or newsworthy.

How do you do it?

8000 articles in 2 years.

All i can say is thank you!!!

…we have a high dependency on amphetamines amongst the staff and rarely sleep

A picture of an EV supercar concept WITHOUT any hot car show girls? Marketing fail… 😉

– Can somebody translate the french video?

– Why are there tailpipes on the back?

– The guy showing the car looks like he couldn’t fit under the roof if it were closed…

those are definitely tail pipes… we’ve been robbed!

Why are they not on Dragon’s Den?

Looks like a fun car, but it is hardly revolutionary.

Tesla Roadster did this already.

And Lotus prior to Tesla….. I used to love looking at “Mrs. Peel” get out of her cute Lotus Roadster with the hidden headlights (wish my car had that feature).

John Steed’s Bentley was fine, but The Lotus was the eyecatcher (especially if Emma Rigg was driving it).

Ah, what am I thinking of… hehe Emma Peel played by Diana Rigg. Patrick Macnee played Steed.

I actually never noticed the headlights on the car…..

This would have been a lot more interesting before BMW released the i8.

For $100K I could turn almost anything into an electric supercar 😛