McLaren Releases P1 GTR Sketch


Meet the P1 GTR: the game-changing, track-only plug-in hybrid.

Though it exists only as an official McLaren sketch right now, McLaren has confirmed it’s production-bound. Production volume will be “scarcity limited” though.

The actual McLaren P1 GTR will be revealed in the flesh at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 15 (tomorrow),  Production of the P1 GTR is set for June 2015.

The P1 GTR is the pumped-up, track-only version of the plug-in hybrid McLaren P1.

With 986 HP on tap, the P1 GTR will likely become the quickest and fastest plug-in hybrid ever made.

Price? $3.2 million.

“Production of the most powerful McLaren ever is scheduled to kick off after the 375th and final road-legal P1 has been built, with availability restricted to buyers who already own one of those original models.”

So, if you don’t own the road-legal P1, then there’s no chance you’ll be able to buy the GTR version.

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Considering McLarens F1 experience; they may well end up being the fastest/most powerful supercar builder at all times. I don’t see Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini being agile and flexible enough. Lamborghini is done for since they appear not to embrace pumping up their performance with electric augmentation. They will be totally doomed when electric takes off.

Gasoline was kinda topped out power wise due to limitations of the pump gas octane.

Now the hybrid aspect makes the power situation feel and appear unlimited for the moment.

It would make sense for McLaren to cobble together a full electric something just to use as a rolling testbed/lab so that when the transition from hybrid to total electric happens; they won’t be behind or just starting. Or imagine if they offered up a full electric model? So much easier and simpler then hybrids. Build up for the moment a 100 mile range model; and as time goes on; offer upgraded range packs for retrofit.