McLaren P1 is Sold Out


Sold Out

Sold Out

Flames Were Optional, But Now You Can't Even Purchase a P1 Because It's Sold Out

Flames Were Optional, But Now You Can’t Even Purchase a P1 Because It’s Sold Out

We’ve been covering the McLaren P1 plug-in hybrid here at InsideEVs almost religiously.

Well, it seems our coverage will end soon.

Though the P1 is quite possibly the world’s most advanced plug-in hybrid, the fact that it’s now sold out basically means that no longer on the market and production of it will cease just as soon as all of the ordered units (375) are made.

Production of the P1 began a month ago, but the hand-made vehicle is extremely labor intensive, meaning that it’ll take a full day to complete one vehicle.

So, while the P1 will officially remain a production plug-in for more than a year, it’s no longer available to buy.

Sadly, I had yet to save up the require $1 million to place my order, so there will be no P1 for me.

Source: Autocar

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Anyone else enamored with this car more than the Porsche 918? Something about a McLaren …

Not me. I despise both combustion engine cars about equally 🙂
Although it seems the Porsche is the higher performer.

Both cars are made by dummies. Kidding themselves that this is green and they are on the cutting edge. Fooling the sheepish masses too.

But both are combustion engine cars. Noone of any intelligence would own one.

This car has over 900 combined HP I believe. This is not about having the best BEV performance ..but rather having the fastest cars around a track like the Nuburgring period. So the fact the that these hybrids are blowing away the best ICE production, cars will open up a lot of eyes of people who don’t believe in electric motors being part of ultra performance cars.

For one million dollars I would rather revive the Falkx since that one can take off vertically and fly. Unfortunately it seems to have disappeared completely from the radar.
Too bad because it was a good pragmatic efficient system with no frills as I like.
Here is an article that related to it that has not been wiped yet: