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The McLaren P1™ GTR will offer an on- and off-track driving experience like no other, with unique access to the technologies and expertise within the McLaren Technology Centre, and the most powerful track-only model ever produced by McLaren Automotive.

Dynamic testing is well underway at a range of international race circuits, and the first uncamouflaged images show the latest aerodynamic and cooling updates being trialled.

In addition to this, the individually-tailored McLaren P1™ GTR driver programme will offer each driver a unique insight into the world of McLaren.

States the video description.



Seen here is the ridiculously powerful track-only version of the plug-in hybrid P1.  Dubbed the P1 GTR and only available to purchase by owners of the road-legal P1, this track-only beast is rarer than rare.  Previously, all that McLaren had released of the P1 GTR was a sketch and scant details.

The P1 GTR pumps out 986 HP and is the pinnacle of performance for a plug-in hybrid supercar

Price? £1.98 million.


“Production of the most powerful McLaren ever is scheduled to kick off after the 375th and final road-legal P1 has been built, with availability restricted to buyers who already own one of those original models.”

So, buy a standard P1 first, and only then will you get the opportunity to purchase the GTR.

McLaren P1 GTR Interior

McLaren P1 GTR Interior

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Cool! Drool! Noteworthy, fast, impressive and available now to Jay Leno, some Saudi kings and their like in the UAE – plus, some hip hoppity rapper type who wants to make a splash!


Hey, on the positive side, uber-performance auto bling sets the bar with plugs and electric boost giving them new speed and clean cruise capability!

….and my bad, let’s not forget the Sultan of Brunei.