McLaren P1 Crashes


We might be jumping to a bit of a conclusion here, but if you’re 27 years old, you probably shouldn’t be driving a McLaren P1.  But, if you’re fortunate enough to be able to afford a McLaren P1 at 27 years of age, then respect the beast of a machine that the P1 is.

If you don’t respect the beast, this might be the result.

As it turns out, this wrecked McLaren P1 was owned by a 27-year-old for less than a day before he crashed it.  The vehicle was picked up on Tuesday November 23 and promptly put into a guard rail the following morning.

As The Supercar Kids report:

“The cause of the accident is currently unknown, but the damage is very substantial and will be incredibly expensive to repair. Fortunately the cabin is still intact, thanks to the P1â€ēs clever carbon fibre monocoque making the car incredibly stiff and rigid…”

The driver suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Crashed McLaren P1

Crashed McLaren P1

Crashed McLaren P1

Crashed McLaren P1

Crashed McLaren P1

Crashed McLaren P1

Source:  The Supercar Kids

Images via davesplace and jtluchak on Instagram

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$1.15 million to $0 in under 3 seconds.

Warren M

Wow, look what it did to that guardrail!

Doug B

Hmm, I just guessing, but I don’t think the driver was doing the 50mph posted speed limit.


A salvage title.


The Supercar Kids: “thanks to…incredibly stiff, and rigid”.

Those words can also mean more energy was transferred to the occupant.


I hear an off-color joke brewing just about now….:)


too fast too furious

According to his first-person testimony, Elon Musk’s last words to Peter Thiel just before he crashed his McLaren F1 were: “watch this”.

After they both got out of the totaled supercar, Musk started laughing. Thiel wanted to know why.

“It wasn’t insured” Musk said.

Josh Bryant

I heard the same story, but I don’t think the F1 was totaled. There was some account of him still owning it as recent as a few years ago.

Josh Bryant

If you think Musk is arrogant now, enjoy this YouTube video of back when he took delivery of his McLaren F1.

It seems he has actually mellowed a bit over the years.


Wow, great video! Not only has Elon mellowed, but his hairline has un-receded.

Compaq Computer Corporation bought Zip2 for $307 million in 1999. Elon received $22 million for his share. I wonder what Zip2 is worth now.

Elon married and eventually divorced Justine Wilson, his then fiancee in the above video. What amazes me is that Elon somehow convinced Justine to sign a post-nuptial agreement six weeks after their wedding. With the passing of Steve Jobs, Elon is perhaps the world’s greatest salesman/promoter/pitchman. He could sell ice to an Eskimo. If Elon had an evil identical twin, I wonder whether he could start a wildly successful company that sold hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, built a network of free hydrogen Superfueling stations for long distance travel, and promised that hydrogen fuel-tank swapping stations were coming soon. 😀

I don’t think Musk is arrogant. Just supremely confident. If I was the only person to run the first successful new automaker in ~100 years, while simultaneously running the only private company to dock with the International Space Station, I would be very confident too.

I just wouldn’t be confident enough to say “watch this” in a McLaren F1 on public streets (I hope. In my 20’s I was that “confident”, in a 1966 Sunbeam Tiger, which I deeply regret).


I guess the traction control didn’t work 😉


Nothing a little elbow grease won’t buff out 😉

Brian Henderson

Electric Vehicle?

Ocean Railroader

Man I hope when I get my leaf or i-miev that I should at least be able to get past the first stoplight on the test drive without totaling it.

But this accident is the reality why I wouldn’t want to have over a $100,000 locked up in a car.

Chris O

Sad end of a green vehicle. Oh wait, it appears to be silver!


A Mc Laren P1 is like a conventional rocket it is intended for single use.

Jouni Valkonen

Luckily Elon Musk is trying hard to make rockets reusable. Actually they try first ever soft landing on hard surface with their Falcon rocket now in December. If SpaceX succeeds, then it will be revolutionary, because the cost of space launches gets down at least by one order of magnitude. Possibly two.

This might imply also that Tesla can bring some day supercars for the masses, or “to make them reusable”! Because when battery cost is sufficiently low that it allows long range, it adds only about 15 000 dollars to the value of your family electric car to make it behave like McLaren P1. If battery pack can accept 100-200 kW fast charging, then it also means that it can output 300-500 kW.

Therefore we can expect an electric super car that goes below three seconds and still costs less than 50 000 dollars. Or it is well within a reach of middle class car enthusiasts.


He could have obtained substantial notoriety by waiting just a few weeks to be the first person to wreck a Model S P85D.
Oh well…they probably will need a new car anyway, so if the P1 is totalled he can buy a P85D and some of the cash to buy TSLA in a downtrend.