McGill Electric Snowmobile Team (video)

OCT 30 2015 BY TDILLARD 10

McGill EV Team's electric snowmobile project

McGill EV Team’s electric snowmobile project (from the McGill EV team’s Facebook page)

This should say “McGill Electric Snowmobile Team (hilarious giggling) video.  We’re following up on a comment about our electric Jet-Ski post (er…  electric “personal watercraft”?) with this snippet from the Wilds of Canada – an entry to the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge from the McGill EV team, and another stab at making something that’s smelly, loud and obnoxious to anyone but the person running it a little more tolerable.  Taking a look at their channel, they’re have way too much fun.

The McGill Electric Snowmobile Team at the South Pole

The McGill Electric Snowmobile Team in Greenland


Detail of the innards...

Detail of the innards… (from the McGill EV team’s Facebook page)

Enjoy the video while we try to learn more about these machines…  They have a Facebook page here, and a website here.

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People rely on these things to get to some pretty inaccessible places.

If a network of battery storage and solar panels could be established in these areas, they could truly be green. No need to carry fuel, no getting stuck when the fuel runs out…

I’m getting excited for the future!

I don’t know why the hilarious giggling? Is it a pun, a famous character or playing with words of some sort? I don’t get it.

BTW McGill is one of the ( if not the) Québec’s most renowned University.

Generally used in low temperatures, deep snow, with a cold stiff rubber tread, little room for the battery – what is the range of these things in ankle deep snow? I would be very much surprised if it was more than ten miles at temps below freezing.

Always hated the noise and stink of 2-stroke engines.

Was hoping to catch some audio.

Unless you sit on one of those!
They’re stinky, noisy, annoying, polluting, destroying, but unforutnately, very funny to ride.
Make it boring would’t probably help no one.

Yuck! I dream of silent clean snowmobiles in the calm of the peaceful snowy forests.

It’s a fun Way To Choke To Death…

I guess Montreal is having a normal Wintery October!

Not quite yet 😉

Nice. Please, McGill, or anyone, also work on an affordable electric lawn tractor that can last 2 hrs or 2 acres, preferably able to accept the same L2 plug as a car.