MC Customs Tesla Model S – Video


MC Customs Tesla Model S

MC Customs Tesla Model S

MC Customs has revealed its tricked out Tesla Model S P90D (pre-refresh donor car).

MC Customs call itself Miami’s #1 customization shop. The shop specializes in all aspects of customization, from exterior, to interior, to engine and so on.

For this particular job, MC Customs focused heavily on the exterior appearance of the Model S.

The end result is…well, we leave final judgement up to you.

This modded S is unique though, and no one can say it doesn’t stand out.

Check it out in the brief video above.

For more on MC Customs, click here.

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I like Franz’s work too much to see it besmirched like this…

The back looks like it has two tail pipes now. WTF?

That was my first thought too.

Way to turn class into… something else.

Customized Fugliness.

….and WTF is up with the rear wannahave two exhaust outlets.

They should stay away from EV’s and just stick to the nasty OPEC swallowers.

Ça a d’la gueule! Wow!

At last a truly artistic adaptation, with respect for the original.

Why in the world would someone want to uglify a beautiful Model S by adding faux exhaust pipes to the rear? Bizarre.

And the nose looks like something off a plastic toy.

This is not what I’d call an “upgrade”. 😡


Fugly- adj. See above video.

I like it. I think it’s a reasonable interpretation of what a performance (as opposed to luxury) Tesla would look like.