MC Customs Reveals Modified Tesla Model S P85D – Video


…Whoa. (Photo Credit: MC Customs)

…Whoa. (Photo Credit: MC Customs)

MC Customs modifies a Tesla Model S P85D with a white and black color theme throughout.

It appears only the exterior has been modified, as there are no interior shots in the video above. But that isn’t to say that there won’t be any interior modifications at some point in the near future.

To see more images of the MC Customs’ P85D, click here to view them on the modifiers Facebook page.

So, we’ve seen some some wraps, interior upgrades in the works from Unplugged Performance, & wheel upgrades for the P85D.  What’s next?


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12 responses to "MC Customs Reveals Modified Tesla Model S P85D – Video"
  1. offib says:

    Goodness! Them turbine rims!

  2. Big Solar says:

    I’d drive it.

  3. Wraithnot says:

    This is the first modded Model S that I really like. It took me a second to realize they painted all the chrome bits to match the rest of the car. I really like the chrome on my blue S85, but not so much on a white car. And the wheels are amazing!

  4. Speculawyer says:

    The wheels add drag and make the car less efficient. I guess people go for ‘look cool’ more than ‘more efficient’.

    1. Boris says:

      You would also swim more efficiently in speedo swim shorts…

    2. GeorgeS says:

      Who cares.
      A rich lawyer could afford one 🙂

    3. Foo says:

      No more drag than normal… these appear to be the stock Tesla “Turbine” 21-inch wheels, just hideously painted

    4. Robb Stark says:

      They are Tesla Turbine wheels and are more aerodynamic than the Tesla base split spoke wheels and actually add about 3% of range.

      They are just painted weird.

  5. ffbj says:

    I think it looks cool.

  6. Ghost says:

    If it was fully carbon fiber would’ve been much better

  7. Armand says:

    May I ask the name of the music?