Mazda Will Dip Toe Into EV Market In 2019, Projects Overall EV Market Share at 5-10% By 2020

NOV 18 2016 BY MARK KANE 34

Mazda Demio EV

Mazda Demio EV...from back when color photography was just being invented

Mazda has reluctantly changed its mind about electric vehicles, and is now starting preparations for its first plug-in model by 2019.

Mazda Demio EV fitted with a range extender. lower:A small rotary engine unit used as a range extender

Above: Mazda Demio EV fitted with a range extender.
Lower:A small rotary engine unit used as a range extender

The reason behind the changing attitude towards plug-in technology, is Mazda’s expectation for 5-10% of all global automotive sales to have a plug of some type by 2020, which in turn will also lower the cost of batteries found inside the cars.

There is no decision yet about which model Mazda will be electrified, but it seems that the company could ultimately joining forces with Toyota and co-develop a plug-in model based on an existing ICE platform for rather low-volume production.

As this is Mazda, this future all-electric car is said to also include an option rotary range extender option (naturally).

Mazda R&D head, Kiyoshi Fujiwara, said from the Los Angeles Auto Show:

“If huge battery volumes is required then yes [we need a new platform], if not then a unique platform is not required. As you remember we have a range-extender unit provided by rotary engine, that system can help with some distance. We will be able to have two systems.”

Still, change is apparently a hard thing to grasp for Mazda, as Fujiwara added:

“Of course we need EVs. As you know, in Norway, the complete energy source is water… this means that EV is much better for CO2 in Norway. But not in United States or China… Therefore we are focusing on ICE, but some regions we need EV, so therefore in 2019 [or] in that time frame we will introduce EV where it is needed in the world.”

We should note that in the US, given Mazda’s relatively small size (less than $40 billion in global revenue), the automaker gets a ‘small builder’ pass, and can fufill CARB’s all-electric ZEV (zero emission) mandate using PHEV sales (plug-in hybrid vehicles)…which is why we have yet to see any serious BEV plans from the Japanese manufacturer.

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Mazda 3 EV with 150 miles range at 65 MPH at $22.5K ($15K post subsidy) would be a killer. Already, Mazda 3 gas is second quickest car under $20K in 0-60 behind SparkEV.

Spark EV is 25k… Just because the Government pays halve your car, doesn’t mean it’s actually that cheap.

It’s you who pay, not the government. It’s your tax money that you already paid. You don’t get that if you didn’t pay in the first place. Then true cost is post subsidy price.

Folks North Pole is 30 something degrees Fahrenheit above average…the shit has hit the fan.

And we, 49% of the electorate, elected Trump.

It’s time for World Leaders to Fix the US Education System, along with our Media.

The reason why Dump got elected is due to having an unelectable opponent. Democrats could’ve put almost anyone (or even a car) other than She-lery as opponent, and he/she (or it if it’s a car) would’ve won against Dump.

The work needed for next election is to find someone who is at least little bit likable and show leadership, not someone who’s constantly harping about being a victim with giant cloud of lies and corruption hanging over her head.

Tesla 3 for President and Bolt as VP? 🙂

So when did this site become insidewhinyliberals?

Coulda sworn this article was about electric Mazdas…..

Not even Fujiwara sees physics with the ideological blinders you do, Scott.

Ok. Ok. Electric Mazda can be secretary of state since it’s not born in US. Happy now? 🙂

Guven thst Hillary was one of the most competent candidates ever in the history of the american presidency i dont really know where you would have found anything to top her. But I guess an orange dumpsterfire was right up your ally…. Sigh. Good luck with that…

Not true, I think it is about 3°

Care to share your sources for this assessment? I mean you’ve got to have one, right? Or do you live at the North pole and take you own measures?

This is the new “normal” people say whatever they want with no evidence then expect people to believe them. Witness the latest election as an example.

Maybe he means 3 degrees Celcius. 😀

“The s*** has hit the fan!

While I agree with the first quote from Fujiwara above, the second is actually sad.
A small rotary as a REX generator is actually a good idea, given it’s simplicity and light weight.

Yes, a small SMOOTH RUNNING Rotary would be great.

But, can they Fix the Looks of the 3 series?
Spend some money there too.

Fix the looks? The Mazda 3’s are some of the most beautiful cars out there.

There is a reason why Tesla recruited a Mazda designer to make their cars.

I have been waiting for this. I hope they make Mazda 3 size car with 100+ mile AER and small rotary extender. And I hope they don’t make it with idiotic small gas tank like BMW i3.

“this means that EV is much better for CO2 in Norway. But not in United States or China… Therefore we are focusing on ICE”
Really?! Haven’t we dispelled this myth enough times now. Has Mazda been living in a cave the last 8 years?

The “right” wing is deeply embedded in the corporate structure. ( Exxon )

The left loves natural gas, hates nuclear, and therefore must want to change the climate. Right? Is politicizing the issue really helpful?

kdawg called out a factual problem. There are enough of those to go around.

First exciting news, for greens, from Mazda in at least 10 years.

zoom zoom => zap zap? buzz buzz?

People get ready their is an ev train comin’.
You do need a ticket though.

There is no one who wants to sell cars in Europe that won’t have a number of plugin models by 2020.

Mazda is one of the manufacturers with the highest average CO2 emissions from new cars in Europe.

Expect them to put a plug on almost every model by then or watch them get hefty penalty fees.

5%-10% by 2020 seems exaggerated, I don’t see any evidence for that claim.

This is exactly why California has Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) rules to begin with.

Left to their own, auto manufacturers, like Mazda (exempt from ZEV rules) will just build oil cars.


Auto manufacturers that are NOT subject to CARB-ZEV due to their small sales in California. These additional manufacturers are required to comply with the ZEV requirements, but would be allowed to meet their obligation with Plug-In Hybrids (PHEV):

Tesla – Roadster, Model S, Model X, Model 3 (all EV)
Mitsubishi – iMiev (EV) and Outlander Plug-in hybrid
Fuji Heavy Industry (Subaru)
Jaguar Land Rover – EV
Volvo – plug-in hybrid CUV
Aston Martin Lagonda – DBX EV

A natural candidate for BEV is the Mazda 2, a.k.a. Demio — they’ve had BEV protoypes for several years now, and they will need a small city car in addition to a European-size “family car” (Mazda 3); eventually also MPVs and CUVs, once the batteries get a little cheaper.

I think the small rotary engine would work great as range extenders in cars like CX-5 and CX-9.

They would be perfect for those applications.

Of course, that is assuming Mazda can get the cost down.

A plug in hybrid is fine but why would you use the most ineffecient gas engine for the generator?

High power to weight ratio.
If the car has decent EV range it might get used 1% of the time, every additional kg when it’s not in use is detracting from EV efficiency.
Also continually running at a constant RPM 90% of the time they may be able to be tuned to be much more efficient than in a traditional ICE application where they have to perform across a wide variety of RPM’s and loads.

I’m rooting for Mazda as they are a rare company that makes attractive and affordable cars that are fun to drive. I think they’ll make great plug-in models eventually. As one of the smallest independent manufacturers still on the mass market I can see how this will be a very challenging transition for them, but they have great engineers on their team.