Mazda Gets In The Game, Puts Demio EV On The Road In October

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2013 Mazda Demio EV

Mazda has just announced they will also be officially getting into the electric vehicle business this October, by leasing out 100 units of the Demio EV starting this October in Japan.  If all goes well, this car could go into production and fufill some compliance issues for the company here in the United States.

The Demio, which is perhaps better known to the rest of the world as the Mazda2, features a 20 kWh, Li-ion battery and Mazda’s own coil-switching electric motor.

20 kWh Li-Ion Demio EV Battery Pack

The maximum output is 75 kW  (between 5,200 to 12,000 rpm) and has maximum torque of 150 N·m (111 lb-ft) from 0–2800 rpm.

Driving range is up to 200 kilometers (124 miles), but that is on the “impossible to actually achieve”  JC08 test cycle.  Given how previous vehicles have been rated on this system, then converted to the EPA standard later, we would put range at about 85 miles (for comparison the LEAF has an EPA rating of 73).

The battery itself consists of 18650-type cells connected both in parallel and in series to achieve high energy density, and thereby offering the same cabin space as the regular Mazda2 (Demio).  Like Nissan with the LEAF, Mazda expects the battery to maintain 80% of capacity at the 5 year market, given ordinary operation.

Even though the vehicle is lease only, it does have an MSRP of  ¥3,577,000 ($44,820 USD).  Mazda issued this statement as to why the Demio EV would be strictly available for lease:

Mazda has a long history of research and development into electric powered vehicles. Through the lease program, Mazda intends to gain further knowledge of electric drive technology and the usefulness of such products to the customer.

Mazda Demio Interior



Mazda Demio EV specifications and price

Model name Demio EV
Drive FF
Seating capacity 5
Dimensions and weight Overall length/width/height*1 3900mm/1695mm/1490mm
Vehicle weight*1 1180kg
Performance AC electric power consumption
(JC08 mode test cycle)*1
Driving range on a single charge
(JC08 mode test cycle)*1
Drive battery Type Lithium-Ion batteries
Total voltage*1 346V
Total torque*1 20kWh
Motor Max. output*1 75kW<102PS>/5200-12000rpm
Max. torque*1 150Nm<15.3kgfm>/0-2800rpm
Charging time Normal charge (AC200V·15A)*2 Approx. 8 hours (full charge)
Fast charge*3 Approx. 40 minutes (80% charge)
Price (yen) (including tax) 3,577,000
  • *1 Measured by Mazda
  • *2 Amount of time required to charge battery after low battery warning light comes on. Given time is only a guide. Actual charging time may vary depending on air temperature and power source.
  • *3 Amount of time required when using a 50kW fast charger. Given time is only a guide. Actual charging time may vary depending on specifications of the charger.

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How can these companies keep saying they are testing out the usefulness of electric cars as an excuse for being so late getting out?

At 44,000 it is a struggle to see why someone would lease these over the Fit electric


The Mazda looks like it would be much larger than the Fit EV imo. They would probably both be about the same price if they were leasing here.

I think car looks better than the Fit
(Fit looks a bit junky to me)


I like the looks of this much more than the Leaf & the Fit is too small. At 35K in the US I would choose this over the both of them


At $35k it’s too expensive for something that looks like it should cost half that amount.

BEVs are never going to catch on until they can compete in final cost with cars costing $15k-20k. At that lower price point, first-time car buyers (or in other words: young people) who are less habituated to the rhythm and freedoms of ICE ownership will be serious prospects.

Sell to them and let their soon to be born children grow up being driven around electrically. That’s how you create the foundation for future EV prosperity – target younger buyers with prices competitive with entry level ICE cars.


I think the Fit is about the same size as a Mazda 2. $44k is not bad for a handmade car, it should be much lower if it goes into mass production .

From other reports it appears the battery is actively cooled.


Were gonna have to accept this is price of future EV / Hybrid Car type starting $35,000 – $85,000.
I have Chevy Volt, it is a great car! To be able to have an option run it either Electric or Gasoline.