Mazda CEO: First Plug-In Coming To U.S. In 2020

FEB 4 2018 BY MARK KANE 43

Mazda’s first plug-in model could enter market around 2020 according to the Masahiro Moro, president and CEO of Mazda North American Operations (MNAO).

Toyota e-Palette Concept

It’s not yet known whether it will be all-electric model or electrified, but Masahiro Moro hints at a possible comeback of the rotary engine in the form of a range-extender. The last rotary engine-powered model in the U.S. was RX-8 sports car in 2012.

Well, (the) rotary engine is our heart-line. I think a rotary engine could be a generator in the near-term to contribute to electrification.”

The advantage of rotary engine is its compact size, but fuel economy and especially emissions have been its downside.

The recently unveiled Toyota e-Palette Concept is another potential vehicle that could receive the REx from Mazda.

“Toyota announced the e-Palette. Mazda is a technical partner. That technical (partnership) means they need our rotary range-extender technology.”

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Most of that Mazda looks stunning.

Not a real car.

Yeah. . That’s the problem when somebody have to make a car cheaper, more practical and easier to produce.
End up with a boring and average car.

Well it is the Vision concept which is arguably physically real so..

Agreed. Dial it back about 5-10% and you have a product winner! Love it.

That Mazda looks great.

Their normal engines work better than their rotary engines. Rotary engines also use a lot of oil.

At least they are finally getting in the EV game.

At a fixed rpm, some of the rotary engine’s disadvantages go away. Making a rotary work well over a large rpm range is a challenge.

If their secret sauce is a rotary range extender why bother with a saloon car? Why not target the full size SUVs or a real CUV or trucks or even a van? On a larger platform they could easily fit in enough battery to offer their rotary generator (RG) with minimal battery and a couple bays to expand the AER range to two different levels thus future proofing the vehicle.

For a CarGuy, you don’t much about rotaries. They are designed to “burn” oil.

The fact that they are designed to burn oil doesn’t mean that it’s not a disadvantage. That’s what Carguy is pointing out.

Why the long? Are they putting an 8 cy nlibe?

Just what I’ve always wanted – a larger hood and a smaller passenger compartment. (Not)

Yep, what on earth is under that massive hood if its a pure EV?

Mobile hot tub!!! Think of the possibilities.

Also not a fan if a giant hood that looks like you’re compensating for something.

Massive FRUNK Dude!

Yeah, you can carry 2 spares in that frunk!

Hey, 2-3 years from now? Sweet, where have I heard that before?


Sort of. Tesla has 3 vehicles in production now, unlike all the other manufacturers who are perpetually 3-5 years out. Difference is Tesla is biting off too much right now, compared to the others who don’t bite off anything (but talk a big game).

Every one else is saying the same thing. Where will they get the batteries from in 2020 or beyond?

What Mazda’s CEO is claiming is that the rotatory makes a good generator…I wonder how it is compared to the Prime’s 55mpg motor?

I wonder if it will still burn oil.

That I can see, one speed only, simple or no gearing to the generator, simple design should make designing to exactly the right size needed by the generator.

Make this hybrid with a big battery for real power and I could see this working out.

I don’t buy it. Mazda only wants to make combustion technology. Maybe they will brand someone else’s EV, but I doubt it.

Falling behind then poorly trying to copy what the competition used to do. The Volt is a legendary car but companies like GM are moving forward while Mazda eats dust.

My what a big nose you have, I mean crumple zone!

Zoom Zoom wins the EV horse race by a nose, sN0T!

Finally. I though they didn’t know how to plug anything in. Maybe they will use Super Capacitors like their i-ELoop Mazada 6 was said to have. I’ve never seen one but it sounded good.

Working with Dyson yet?

So … Chademo or CCS?

All electric MX-5, please.

Pretty please, with a cherry on top.

Who needsa rotary engine when the electric motor is in perfect rotary motion already? Rotary engie is simply nt efficient at all. Dumb Mazda marketing strategist!

The hardest part of the rotary engine is to provide high torque over a large rpm range. Using the rotary engine just to drive a generator allows it to be tuned to run optimally at a single rpm. This could then result in much better economy.

Perhaps these are the death throes of a once competent company?

Hardly, they make a profit. They are expanding sales and have a good relationship with Toyota.

Well, I guess the weirdly long hood is a change from the typical all-body-no-window chunky concept look.

They’ll need something if they don’t want to pay too much for credits. I hope they try an EREV with rotary extender, just to see how well they take advantage of the compact size.

Somedays I miss my Roadster – especially since the summer time is Convertible time around here. Hopefully they make a Miata EV sooner rather than later.

Hopefully someone makes an electric Miata roadster sometime soon.

But will Mazda still be around?!?

So how much lead time do manufacturers usually have for a new model? 18-24 months? If that is about right then either Mazda is developing this right now (and should be able to state that exactly) or they aren’t (so 2020 is most likely a pipe dream).
If they are actually developing it then the article should read “Mazda to release xx in 2020”, not using words like might. They should be able to tell us what product line or is targeted for or if it is a new product line.
As far as I’m concerned, if the manufacturer can’t tell you those basic things then it’s vapourware at the moment.

Is it possible for the 2020 Mazda 6?