May’s West European BEV Registrations Total 5,829

JUL 15 2015 BY MARK KANE 6

Renault Zoe

Renault ZOE

Yes, we had exceptional month for all-electric car sales in Europe in May.

According to EagleAID, the total number of registrations in 17 countries regularly monitored amounted to 5,829. That’s about 25% more than a year ago (while plug-in hybrids are growing even faster).

It seems also that after five months of 2015, total sales are more than 50% up compared to the previous year (over 32,500 BEVs compared to about 21,500):

“Europe’s rose-tinted May electric car story, when measured in percentage growth terms, clearly tells an upbeat tale. That’s chiefly because electric car registrations topped last year’s same month level by a quarter. May’s bounce brings the sector’s five months gain to an outwardly impressive 51.8 per cent. Impressive headway by any measure”

Sales growth is so good that we are eager to hear why it’s so weak. Fortunately, we always can count on the EagleAID to bring us down to earth:

“Expressed in cold statistics, there is more good news for the electric car industry.

That’s chiefly because in today’s overall European car world, carmakers would count themselves lucky with just a fraction of the growth posted so far by electric cars.

And yet, in sales volume terms, AID’s exclusive regular electric car sales data gives rise to an altogether more cautionary tale for anyone believing to spot the first signs of a slow-budding electric car sales spring on the immediate horizon.”

“May’s West European electric car registration total – 5,829 units for the 17 countries regularly monitored by AID – draws a picture of an autoindustry segment that has yet to move above its long-held wallflower status.

Despite another month of strong double-digit growth, AID’s monthly progress report on the underlying health of West Europe’s electric car market still supports the unwavering view that so far earlier demand expectations have proved overly optimistic.

AID’s weather warning

The way the runes are read, and contrary to this year’s outwardly sunny electric car sales picture, AID’s expert market observers are not alone in believing that today’s strong tailwinds, chiefly in Norway, France and the UK for example – due almost entirely to mouthwatering financial incentives and sweetheart user conditions for would-be electric car buyers – are likely to turn into strong headwinds the minute these launch aids are dropped…”

Source: EagleAID

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Was I the only one who thought of the actress when reading the title?

So what is the accumulative sales in Europe?

Mae West,
“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

Just did a Michigan, England, Italy, Switzerland vacation from my home town of Seattle. My observations: MI has a few Volts and I saw 1 Leaf. England likes the Leaf and Outlander PHEV and saw 1 Tesla. Venice not much interested in EVs ;-). CH has a few EVs. I saw Leaf, Tesla and Zoe. None of those places has the EV density anywhere near Seattle’s. Yay Seattle!

USA has california.

EU has norway 😛

Hmm..California doesn’t have the highest percentage of EV sales of US states last time I checked (which was a while so it may be outdated info).

Norway isn’t a part of EU.

And if you’re going to compare then you will at least have to add the Netherlands, Iceland and Sweden which are all above California. 🙂

Mikael said:

“Hmm..California doesn’t have the highest percentage of EV sales of US states last time I checked (which was a while so it may be outdated info).”

As they say: “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.” I see a lot of articles making the point that Washington State leads California in plug-in EV sales as a percentage of total car sales, but California is far and away the State with the highest total annual PEV sales.

According to the source below, as of September 2014, California had 40% of all PEV sales in the USA.