In May BYD Sold Over 9,000 Plug-In Electric Cars In China

JUN 28 2016 BY MARK KANE 14

Plug-in electric car sales in China – May 2016 (source: EV Sales Blog)

Plug-in electric car sales in China – May 2016 (source: EV Sales Blog)

China plug-in vehicles sales in May resulted in well over 26,000 plug-in electric cars sold, which represented a 119% year-over-year according to specifc model data collected by the EV Sales Blog.

Interestingly, over one third of the Chinese plug-in vehicle market is now in the possession of BYD, which in May exceeded 9,000 total sales as a brand – the company’s second best result ever.

More impressively, BYD is still expanding its dominance over its home market – outpacing the segment overall  in May with a 130% gain of its own.

Over the last month, two models – the Tang and Qin, were 1st and 2nd respectively, while Tang continues to strengthen its first overall position.

BYD May sales breakdown:

  • Tang – 3249
  • Qin – 2705
  • e6 – 1683
  • e5 – 1172
  • Qin EV300 – 207

BYD’s goal for 2016 is to sell about 120,000 plug-in vehicles. In the first five months of 2016 the  Chinese company has sold about ~33,000 EVs,  so the monthly average for the rest of the year will need to exceed 12,000 per month – a level at which no OEM has yet to ever sell in single month.  Anywhere.

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Anyone can do this if the Govt makes rules favoring them.

Yes… but you have to have a gov smart enough to make rules that truly favor evs…

At what stage do we start blaming the general public rather than the government? The Chinese government might not be elected but they didn’t decide to change the laws to promote EV’s out of the blue. I have heard of nothing that they have done in China wrt to EV’s couldn’t have been done in any western country.

Trolly — Any company could have taken advantage of the new laws in China that promote EV’s. But BYD competed with all the rest of the companies building plug-in cars in China, and BYD built the better cars and won the market share.

The Tang and Qin are are top, because they are just that good. In many ways, they are better than many of the plug-ins being offered for sale in the US.

Yeah but their Govt went off and cut the competitors off by only allowing cars powered by LiFePO4 battery chemistry thus locking BYD in FTW.

Tesla or anyone not using LiFePO4 will no longer qualify for any Govt incentives.

CARB did that but the companies pressured and infiltrated them, George Petro Bush sued California and Big Oil stole the battery rights.
Capitalism. Crony, dirty, overpowered, dangerous capitalism.

Smog was the real reason the Chinese started promoting e-bikes and e-scooters to replace two-cycle scooters in China’s big cities.

Beginning in 1998 just 58,000 e-bikes were sold in China. In contrast, it’s expected that nearly 30 million will be sold this year. (2016)

Electric bikes and electric cars are being promoted in China to replace the ICE vehicles that have been causing so much pollution in Chinese cities.

It’s most likely air pollution, rather than global warming concerns that is motivating the Chinese. All this brings up a good point, which is simply that you don’t necessarily have to believe in global warming to be a huge fan of smog free electric vehicles.

Yeah yeah! We should actually put more importance on air pollution related benefits rather than global warming itself to in the general awareness campaigns we all are proponents of.

Global warming is a occurring slowly over years, but air pollution in China is now!.
When you feel sick breathing the air in the cities, have headaches, have your kids really sick, you understand there is something to change.
I sometimes think China going fast to EV is a kind of man preservation.

Tang 100 and Qin 100 is coming soon! they also be plug-in hybird car, and will be uppdated to 100km with single electric drive mode!

Great job BYD, hope they will soon hit the 10,000 mark / month and soon raise their sales to the level of Prius.

Not far away

time for byd to enter india

Wouldn’t surprise me to find out that these cares are tracked by the Chinese Government. They might even be able to listen to your conversations.