Maxus EV80 Electric Van Launches In Europe


After several recent major announcements, we can only conclude we apparently missed the memo that it is EV/commercial van month right now, as China’s largest vehicle manufacturer SAIC, has introduced its own all-electric Maxus EV80 van for Europe.

Maxus EV80

According to the company, it is rated at 200 km/124 miles (we assume NEDC, so something like 150km/94 miles in the real world/EPA), however we don’t yet know the battery capacity.  Nonetheless, SAIC says a full charge takes about 2 hours.

The payload capacity is 950 kg (2,100 lbs). Cargo volume is up to 10.2 m3.

For now the Maxus EV80 is apparently available to over 200 major fleet operators in Europe (France, Germany, Austria and Benelux).

Without pricing, are not sure whether the Maxus EV80 is more competitive than the Nissan e-NV200 (which recently got upgraded to a 40 kWh battery – good for a NEDC rating of 280 km/174 miles), but SAIC is at least trying to use its deep “New Energy Vehicle” experience gained from Chinese operations.

Separately, SAIC will relaunch the MG passenger in Europe in 2019 as the E-motion electric car.

“SAIC has owned the British brand MG since 2005 and sells cars in China, as well as in other Asian markets, Australia, Latin America and the UK.”

MG Motor E-motion

source: Green Car Congress

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3 Comments on "Maxus EV80 Electric Van Launches In Europe"

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Ford Transit, is that you?

Way bigger then the tiny Nissan. It could fit in the cargo space in this one.

If the quality is OK, and they can deliver the van at a normal(ish) price – they will have no competition.
The panel design on this van, tells me they might offer it as a passenger van (up to 9 seats), or a minibus 10-17 seats. Still no competition. They could probably sell everything they can manufacture.

I’ve heard through a guy working for a German van company that they expect Hyundai will make a hybrid and a battery version of one of their existing vans, and will be the first with a semi volume production.
I’m not so sure about that if SAIC already plan to deliver this model.

If SAIC says they will deliver this van now, I’ll keep you updated. We’re going to buy 1 larger van this year, and 4-6 smaller vans.
They will probably all be electric. Unless we’ve bound by some deal I’m sure we can get one of these to test out.

Now, when it comes to the MG. . that is going to be my next car – unless it is crazy expensive. That is a beautiful car.

Jesus, this thing weights nearly 6000 lbs empty.
I was going to argue that the sheer mediocrity of this design was a good sign, because that meant electric solutions were being mainstreamed to the point where low-cost manufacturers could jump in. But I have to wonder if a more innovative company could find a way to haul 2200 lbs around in a more efficient envelope, like a simple fiberglass skin over a space frame just strong enough to withstand urban driving.