Check Out This Matte Black Tesla Model X With HRE S209 Wheels

Matte Black Tesla Model X With HRE S209 Wheels


Eco-friendly family hauler looks ready for the mean streets of Los Angeles

When Tesla came up with the Model X, everybody was surprised. After all, a fully electric, seven-seat, luxury SUV that packs quite a heavy high-performance punch was not what we’d expect from this vehicle. However, after years of being on the market, the Model X is proving to be one of the most appealing battery powered family haulers out there.

The Tesla Model X P90D is not the best performer in the family. It is topped off by the P100D model. However, the X is still a rather capable machine. The Tesla Model X P90D – when in Ludicrous mode – can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds. It will race to the end of the quarter mile in just 11.7 seconds at 116.0 mph. Those are some supercar-level performance figures right there. While the SUV from the American based carmaker is mostly a family car, there are some owners who like to spice them up a bit. Adding a few subtle exterior modifications and the Model X becomes a powerful looking, aggressive high-performance electric beast.


This particular Matte Black Model X comes from Wheels Boutique. It features the gorgeous exterior wrap, giving it quite a menacing & unique look. The matte Black wrap is offset by a red Tesla logo in the front and rear. Furthermore, the vehicle features a set of HRE S209H forged wheels, perfectly complementing this vehicle. The wheels come sized 22×9 and 22×19 in the front and rear. The wheels feature a Satin Black finish for the centers and Gloss Black finish for the lips. In turn, this is one Model X that will turn heads anywhere it goes.

You can check a full media gallery of this Model X build right below.

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I’ve been thinking about doing a matte black model 3 with trim and door handles wrapped in red……

Just need to add a ginormous wing on the back now.

I love the new glass Tesla makes. The tint is visible in the photo. All the Model III owners gush over the color of the glass after it rains and creates these little jewels of water on the glass.

I’m not a fan of black on black like that.

It needs gunmetal wheels or something.

You can’t buy taste.

Lets see, some fuzzy dice and dingle balls from the rear view mirror, window tint that says Bitcin’ Tesla, some spinning hub caps and the old Easy Rider Rifle Rack you can see in the back window with several stick on bullet holes and a big NRA sticker cock eyed on the rear bumper….that would do it.

Looks great, I’m a fan of matte colors.