Matte Black BMW i8 On Forged Vossen Wheels – Video


BMW-i8-Vossen-Forged-LC-104-©-Vossen-Wheels-2016-1013Vossen Wheels produced this exquisite video of a matte Black BMW i8 on Vossen Forged LC-104 wheels.

Some additional details on the car, via Vossen’s blog:

James has totally transformed the look of the i8 over the past year, from the original white and red color scheme to matte black and copper, and now to a clean and classy matte black and full polish. Now fitted with air suspension, care of our good friends atAccuair (@accuair) and installed by Danny at Slammered (@slammered), the Bavarian hybrid exotic car reaches new lows, changing the entire aesthetic of the car.

Video description:

Our friend, James McDonnell does it again with his now-bagged matte black BMW i8 on Vossen Forged LC-104 Wheels!

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This car is like a Major Bowel Movement. The more the Poop is stirred & the more it Wreaks. . Now it Looks 0ld & Tired as if All 4 Springs have Collapsed …

yes, and the video is goofy. wth?

Again, I’m perplexed at the fascination of this very expensive mostly ICE car. While it helps introduce folks into the electric world, it does it on a minimal scale. But it sure gets a lot of press at this electric car site.. To be fair, my Volt has ICE back-up, but I stress the term “back up” because 95% of my driving is in electric mode, which can’t be said for the BMW. For the life of me I don’t see why someone wouldn’t buy a loaded P90DL for the same price and absolutely spank the electrons out of the i8??

Yea, If they put a BMW Sticker on a Volt They can Ask 2.5 Times the price, The BMW Fans would Pay it., Because It’s 10 times better than any BMW anytime…Unlike the plastic toys BMW puts 0ut!


This question is based on a bad assumption that people are choosing between a Tesla or an i8. Two utterly different cars. Most people who own i8s, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and other low-slung, carbon fiber exotics don’t drive them daily. They daily drive their “regular car”, a Tesla/S-Class/M5/i3, etc., and they drive their i8/Huracan/488 on special occasions.

Love to have one