Matchbox & Hot Wheels Tesla Model S Review


Matchbox Tesla Model S.

Matchbox Tesla Model S.

Diecastic reviews the Matchbox & Hot Wheels version of the Tesla Model S. (Click here for the initial report of both models)

The video above mainly shows the Matchbox version, and compares it to the Hot Wheels version.

Meanwhile, the video below shows the Hot Wheels version by itself, providing a closer look.

Well, if you don’t yet own an actual Model S, then this much smaller (and non-drivable) version might help hold you over until a real Model S is in your possession!

We noticed that the Matchbox version (as we have mentioned previously) is very well detailed for how small it is, while the Hot Wheels version…umm, hey, enjoy the videos!

Where’s our 1/18 scale model of the Tesla Model S?

Hot Wheels Tesla Model S… with a big spoiler and very sparkly paint…

Hot Wheels Tesla Model S… with a big spoiler and very sparkly paint…

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The Matchbox looks the better car, more detail.

There’s also a mini model Tesla sells directly too…larger than these and much more expensive.

Yeah, don’t waste your time with Matchbox…

THIS is what you want on your desk!!!

Carpeted floor, fabric seatbelts, built from actual CAD data from the Model S… Beautiful!

Thanks for sharing. This diecast Tesla is the perfect accessory for my Elon Musk action figure doll! 😀

No problem.

Cool idea for an action figure, but there doesn’t seem to be any in existence. 🙁 Seems like an obvious thing for someone to do… The folks at ‘Robot Chicken’ would LOVE IT! 😉

Maybe this company could make one of Elon, as a Space Alien. 😉

Got the matchbox Tesla for $13 buy it now on eBay.

Looks great

Hot Wheels cars were always designed to go fast on the track, not to have much detail.

I’m surprised that there doesn’t seem to be any mass produced model kit of the Model S, but here’s a hobbyist model (link below). I can’t tell if it’s just a computer rendering, or if it’s a 3D printed one:

Always liked Matchboxes better than Hot Wheels. Hot Wheels are like carnival rides. Maybe I’ll find one somewhere. Never gonna pay 10 bucks for it… but cool. How about a detailed RC car version. Powertrain accurate.

As a former child, and one who played with both Matchbox cars and Hotwheels cars, I offer this explanation…

Hotwheels are meant to be used in the company’s “action sets” and tracks, they were meant to be played with, hard.

Matchbox cars were typically much detailed, and often had moving doors, hoods, trunks, etc. Also, the interior had some degree of detail, you could see seats, engines, packages in the trunk, etc.

When the reviewer said he was going to drill them apart (both were typically held together by two rivets) I was aghast, although as a child I destroyed a lot of my toy cars (some could fund my retirement if I kept them in mint condition) today I wouldn’t damage them unless I had a backup sealed in its package.

The HotWheel really diverges from the current styling of the Model S.

Are the changes to the front intakes and around the rear wheels / lower rear doors, an easter egg of the upcoming Model S refresh? Or just ‘creative license’?


Anyone actually buy these in store for MSRP instead of fleabay? Any recommendations on where to find it?