Massive Lines Form For Tesla Model 3 Debut In Australia


Its debut in Australia reminds us of years ago when orders opened in the U.S.

As we detailed recently, the Tesla Model 3 is making its grand debut in Australia. We knew it would be a hectic affair, but we didn’t expect lines wrapped around buildings like we witnessed back in 2016.

Turns out our expectations were wrong.

There were and still are lines…

It’s surprising to see such a turn out for Tesla in Australia, a nation that’s yet to really catch onto the electric car bandwagon, but perhaps the Australians were simply waiting for the 3’s arrival before joining the revolution.

Whatever the case may be, those eager to buy a Model 3 in Australia still have quite the wait ahead. Note that the display vehicles are still left-hand-drive Model 3s, which aren’t suitable for use in Australia.

Latest word puts the launch of official sales in Australia in late 2019, though we know how Tesla often says one thing in regards to vehicle timing and the reality ends up not matching the promise.

As for pricing, Tesla says the car on display in Sydney costs approximately $57,000 USD ($77,500 Australian), which after taxes would be in the mid-$80,000 price range in Australia.

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Apparently also the Aussie’s love Tesla EV’s…

Coming soon:

Tesla is selling more EVs in North America, Western Europe, and *Australia* than any other car maker by a wide margin.

Nah, I’ve seen the future of Australia. It ends up as a post-apocalyptic barren land with small tribes of “road warriors” fighting for the remaining stores of gasoline and oil. 🙂

…who apparently spend hours a day designing and making new punk outfits. 😉

Tesla EVs in the wide open land of sunshine!

Tesla Excellent range and battery thermal management, check, check!

Charging infrastructure in progress, check!

Electricity Grid battery backup reinforcement in progress, check!

EVs and solar power are a perfect fit, for the Land Down Under.

Now, about their Current political leadership, well let’s hope they EVentually figure out some kind of workaround, somehow, someway, someday!

Burning Moar Coal will put the finishing touches on bleaching The Great Barrier Reef. Especially if the Aussies, and the rest of US, don’t fight tRump on his Coal rollback today.

Thanks Andy, you are the King of “Coal Rollers”!

Australia is, unfortunately, held in the grip of a Federal government beholden to large coal interests. The level of blatant corruption is quite staggering.

This is going political, fast. Why is it US “Conservatives” suddenly tolerate federal over-reach, when it comes to bombing out a state’s right to regulate auto-emissions (CARB waiver), while forwarding Andy Wheeler’s (EPA Admin) view that state’s should be allowed to push nitrogen oxides, mercury and CO2 upon their neighbors?

Australia is another polar example of two factions, where the negative effects of accumulating CO2 somehow got politicized. No wonder, they line up too.

Trump just announced weakening Coal pollution standards and GOP congressman just sit there sucking there thumb. Democrats without a majority can’t do anything without some GOP congressman crossing Trump. GOP are so chicken s… they worry more about there pension than the country.

It’s not their pensions they’re worried about, it’s their reelections in the primaries. The GOP has gerrymandered so many districts in so many States that only the most extreme right wingnut candidates will win in a depressingly large percentage of all congressional seats. (To be fair, the Democrats have been drifting left almost as fast, also due to gerrymandering.)

Here’s hoping the movement which has started in California, to let ordinary citizens redraw the congressional districts, sweeps the nation. That’s the only way we’re likely to get a majority of moderate candidates in congress again.

I don’t think the Democrats have gone that far left. Although Bernie made to many promises about free education.
I think Democrats support renewable energy, EV’s, higher taxes on the rich rather than increasing the debt, planned parenthood, recycling, diplomacy, honesty, ethics, sensible gun laws, working with our allies, the free press. The GOP is off the rails how so many can still support the GOP I don’t understand. This is not a Reagan GOP this is an insane GOP party.

Drove a brand new Tesla Model 3 last night. A neighbor on my street bought home a white one with the optional wheels. Looks stunning, and while I am no expert, the build quality was great – all panels seemed perfectly aligned. He was in the low 300s on the waiting list, but about 15 days ago, Tesla called him and told them they had a cancellation – would he be interested… He most certainly was, and is so happy with the purchase. In fact, he was beaming last night – so proud of his car! Wonderful!!

Australians are going off grid with solar and battery in massive numbers because of the high cost of electricity so adding an EV only makes sense.
The only thing slowing it down is production of batteries and EV’s demand is incredible. Legacy automakers only making compliance vehicles are so far behind the curve always late producing cars that consumers want.
Tesla is the leader and will be for years and years to come.

Yet the so called experts (dumperts if you ask me), say that the competition is coming and Tesla is going to lose its market share.
Mercedes, Audi and Jaguar are all coming, let us see how many people line up their show rooms
Dumperts don’t understand that owning or riding a Tesla reflects Elon, and other cars are well just other cars
Dumperts can say what they want to, but Tesla fans will be Tesla fans and they are not going to let go. Just like Apple fans

I assume you are referring to Trump supporters when you say dumperts. I own a model 3 and am an ardent supporter of President Donald J. Trump. You are letting your political bias cloud your judgement. I am only one of many Tesla fans that Support President Trump. There is no cookie cutter stamping out one or the other. Wake up.

No, not the Trump supporters, but people who are trying to sabotage Tesla as it is affecting them, which includes Shorts, Big Oil, etc.

Let’s remember Trump doesn’t believe in Science believes that Climate Change is a Hoax perpetrated by China to make the US uncompetitive. He starts to droll when he talks about coal and well the whole fossil fuel industry. He claimed that middle class would get $4,000 back from his Tax Plan and he would have to pay more in taxes. Yet Trump supporters still believe him even though a day doesn’t go by that he doesn’t tell a lie.

But, there is no demand for evs. and other such mindless memes.

Wow, what a revelation.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

No demand for sedans and Hatchbacks are what sells…….ROTFLMAO.

They have air conditioning inside the building…that is what the line is for.
The truth is out there.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

lol +1

Mailed FEDEX
Jim Chanos (Personal & Confidential)
20 WEST 55TH ST, 8TH FLOOR, NEW YORK, New York, 10019

Dear Mr. Chanos,
Hi. Please find attached photo of a massive line of prospective Model 3 buyers that has formed outside of the Sydney Australia Tesla store. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Before I purchased my Tesla Model S I may have been inclined to agree with some of your assumptions about Tesla but the reality I’ve come to realize owning a Tesla is that for good reasons Tesla is winning the ground game and quickly expanding it’s base of loyal customers that are as eager to promote Tesla as positively as you are eager to promote Tesla negatively.

I know well the automotive industry from a professional level… the traditional car makers I’m certain will not anytime soon duplicate what Tesla has accomplished both in product and overall ownership experience.

Tesla Car Owner

…. continued

…. continued

P.S. It seems each month that goes by more Tesla EVs are on the street… near commonplace.

What does that tell you?

…. continued progress.