Massive Agricultural Company Teams With Tesla To Reduce Energy Costs


MAY 25 2017 BY MARK KANE 8

Limoneira, a 124-year-old international agribusiness headquartered in Santa Paula, California, which owns over 11,000 acres of rich agricultural lands, real estate properties, and water rights in California, Arizona and Chile, intends to expand its solar installations with Tesla.

Example solar installation

Currently, the company has 6 solar installations totaling 4.2M kWh annually.

The goal for the near future is to reduce energy costs, reduce energy demand at peak hours, and produce up to 7M kWh of solar electricity annually.

The new project with Tesla will add 1.5 MW of solar  – for additional 2.8M kWh of energy annually, combined with an energy storage system (of undisclosed capacity). As a result, Limoneira will become around 50% off the grid.

The company said it’s on track to become completely energy independent by 2022.

Mark Palamountain, Limoneira Senior Director said:

 “This project will study the efficacy of battery systems paired to solar manufacturing facilities. The goal is to reduce demand from the utilities during the day, which is the high cost period, and offset that use with less expensive night time energy that is stored in the battery.”

Limoneira CEO Harold Edwards said:

“Limoneira has a long history of land stewardship and sustainability. We will continue to make investments that are clean as well as profitable.”

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Good news. The more solar, the better!

clearing trees for a solar farm seems somewhat counter-productive…if you already have a farm field, or buildings with big roofs, then sure…

Tree’s were at the end of their useful life of producing lemons. New trees would have been planted in any event.

I didn’t read anything about clearing trees.
This is more good news for Tesla and those fighting climate change. Tesla will be going gang busters on all three legs of his vision soon.

I think they clear cut the whole area already. Last time I drove through Arizona there was hardly a tree anywhere! Filthy buggers.

They can install the solar panels in the barn, the houses and other related facilities and reduce the grid based power.

No need to cut the trees.

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

And what exactly is a “M kWh”? One million kilowatt hours? Wouldn’t that be a “terawatt hour”.

I think it would be a gigawatt, or GW. No idea why they did it that way, seems either ignorant or playing on people’s understanding of a kW, GW would have been better.