Massachusetts Offers Special EV License Plate

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The Electric Vehicle Plates will be available for any passenger or commercial vehicle that is either electric-powered or a hybrid vehicle. There is no special annual fee for the electric vehicle plate. The normal one-time plate replacement fee of $20 will apply.

Massachusetts is the second state in the U.S. to offer the plate to drivers. MassDOT RMV and EEA designed a unique license plate that will help emergency responders quickly identify electric/hybrid vehicles, which require the use of special safety techniques.

“Public safety officials are studying how to immobilize and power down electric and hybrid vehicles, how to approach an EV fire and also learning new extrication procedures,” said MassDOT Secretary Davey. “They must be able to recognize the vehicle as an EV vehicle. The availability of this plate helps assure quick identification.”

“With the MBTA already a user of hybrid electrical vehicles, these new electric vehicle plates will identify the vehicles to emergency responders and demonstrate MassDOT’s contribution to a better environment,” said Acting MBTA General Manager Jonathan Davis.

“This new plate not only identifies the driver as environmentally friendly, it also alerts public safety officials that they may need to disable the vehicle displaying the EV plate differently in the event of an accident,” said RMV Registrar Rachel Kaprielian.

Check out MassDOT’s GreenDOT commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Visit any RMV branch office to pick up an Electric Vehicle Plate if your vehicle is eligible.

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One of my fellow BMW ActiveE lessees was one of the first to get one of these:

Very cool. Although 1st one to get one, really? Looks like he was the 4784th one to get one…

Would be nice if it worked that way right? I was the first to get the specialized EV plates in Ontario, Canada, and mine is 600 and something.

What happens is they mass produce them for all the license and plates bureaus, like regular plates, so they have them in stock when they are needed…they don’t produce them specifically for individual customers as required in numerical order.

I did say ‘one of the first’ in all fairness. He got the plate very shortly after they started the program (within a week or so) so I’m sure there weren’t too many before him. It’s not like Massachusetts is like California with thousands of EV’s titled there. There’s undoubtedly less than 1,000 EV’s registered in the entire state!