UPDATE: Massachusetts & Maryland Join In On $3,000 Off 2018 Nissan LEAF

MAY 2 2018 BY MARK KANE 15

Since the 2018 Nissan LEAF isn’t selling all that well in the U.S., the $3,000 rebate is now popping up in more states.

Two additional utilities – Eversource in Massachusetts and Baltimore BGE in Maryland – joined the Nissan North America program, so there are now at least five electricity providers offering $3,000 off the new LEAF:

Eversource’s customers can bring their electricity bill to Nissan dealers and purchase LEAFs for $3,000 cheaper through July 2.

***UPDATE: Eversource has informed us that the discount applies for its customers in three states: Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire.

2018 Nissan LEAF

“For more information about the Nissan LEAF and the offer for Eversource customers, and to download the flyer to take to a local Nissan dealership, visit the electric vehicle section of Eversource.com. A recent Eversource electric bill is also necessary to participate in this exclusive promotion.

As part of its commitment to increased electric vehicle use in Massachusetts, Eversource is also helping to expand the availability of public charging stations. The energy company expects to soon be partnering with charging station companies as it readies the local electric grid for the installation of hundreds of new, strategically located stations across the commonwealth.

Over the next five years, Eversource will commit $45 million toward grid modifications to accommodate the new locations. To jumpstart the process, the company has recently issued a Request for Proposal to solicit qualified charging station vendors. When complete, this will be one of the largest deployments of electric charging station infrastructure in the country, and currently the largest outside of California.”

Eversource Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer Penni Conner said:

“We want to help customers have access to the best local deals available on new zero-emission vehicles. We’re excited about the future of electric vehicles and to be doing our part to assist New England in achieving its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050. We’re committed to saving our customers money and protecting our planet.”

A similar offer was announced by Baltimore BGE in Maryland: see flyer here.

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Hawaiian Electric as well through 30 Jun.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Why isn’t this available for ALL EV’s?!?!?!?

You gotta wonder what kind of backdoor deal these power companies and Nissan are greasing/lubing each other with.

It’s a pretty much common knowledge at this point that these widespread discounts are funded by the automakers, not utilities themselves.

Nissan is in a bit of a panic, as their sales of vehicles in the U.S. just got creamed:

Also I think there is something in what you say, since the Leaf is V2G, and utilities like that, as it could help to stabilize the grid, and they sell more electricity too, also due to the rise of decoupling and ppg, personal power generation, they are worried and favor evs, as a way to go counter trend.

All these deals let you know Nissan is turning a very very good profit off of the Leaf at the MSRP price…
The last generation Leaf could easily be had for 10k under MSRP and the new Leaf probably does not cost much if any more to produce…

Deals like this are ridiculous. In CA, you can get a base Leaf for around $16k after taxes, tax credit, and all rebates….

Yep, which weighs on the used market.

Thats awesome, those saving are passed on the used car market too. We bought a new LEAF in 2011 and we loved it so much we sold our Prius and a very very old camry and bought two used ones, best cars ever for our 3 different commutes.

Atlantic City Electric in New Jersey too. https://twitter.com/ACElecConnect/status/990999467649372160

The Leaf’s a turd with it’s air cooled battery. If you expose the car to any summer like season, even mild summers, it’ll deteriorate rapidly.

..and yet Nissan is hoping that people will gobble them up, and they may just do, do that.
Not everyone can tell S… from Shinola:

Thats fake news. We are getting great service from our LEAFs in a hot climate. Like any used car, it is only as good as the previous owner takes care of it.

I wish my Titan crew cab was as tough as my LEAF. I know for a fact my Titan Crew cab will not last much longer, just the other day it got stuck in 4wd and I had to mess with it, but I am starting to suspect my LEAF will last 20 or 30 years.

This incentive is also available to customers of Kansas City Power and Light. https://cleanchargenetwork.com/buying-an-electric-car/nissan-leaf-special/

Heres another consideration, now my family of three saves $600 USD every month driving 3 EVs and we have saved around a quarter million pounds of CO2 emissions since 2011. Thats really cool in the most reliable cars we have ever owned. Just make sure it suites your driving needs. If you drive out of town a lot, or you live in an aprtment, you will have to adjust your lifestyle, or perhaps you might be best served with a plug in hybrid model like a Chevy Volt or Prius Prime. Do your homework, but for a lot of people the LEAF is simply the best car ever made.