Massachusetts Gets It First Public DC Quick Charger Courtesy of Nissan (w/video)


Several states in the US are still without a single public DC quick charger.  However, Massachusetts is no longer one of those left out states.

Courtesy of a $35,000 unit donated by Nissan, Massachusetts now has its first one.

Located at the University of Massachusetts, the quick charger is being praised by State Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Richard K. Sullivan Jr. for taking the state the next step towards increasing the number of EVs on its roads.

Sullivan Jr. says that publicly available chargers helps to eliminate the range anxiety issue when deciding whether or not to purchase an EV.

Source: Mass Live

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Great to see new colors on chargepoint’s map.

“Most states in the US are still without a single public DC quick charger.”

Re: “most” and looking at Plugshare, I see 34 states with CHAdeMO. Including states with either CHAdeMO, or Supercharger and total number f states with a DCFC is approaching 40. As expected Californa and Texis have the most DCFC (the larger states).

Expect by year-end, Alaska will be the lone state without a single DCFC.

Sates not having a single DCFC:


Changed “most” to “several” Thanks Brian

MI should not be on that list. I know of at least one of which is fully public (Tesla), one which is on private property but accessible (CHADEMO at Nissan), and several on private property but not (easily) accessible.

Oh how I wish they all had that new trigger grip.


It looks much better.

I like the handle on that Chademo connector much better than the ones we have around here.

How does level 3 charging help to extend “battery life” ??

Haha.. Yeah, I was wondering exactly the same thing when I heard that!

Many might think, that there has been quite some factually incorrect or unbalanced coverage on this website before, that it’s just once again the pro-Tesla, pro-cars (as there are also other EVs to be inside of besides cars) editors overlooked something little, this time the 11 existing CHAdeMOs in Massachusetts. To some, it might be a little sad, others might just not care about it anymore, as this is what happens more often…

Yeah, what’s going on? Plugshare shows quite a few QC stations at Nissan dealerships in MA.

Having zero of them until 2014, in a fairly large rather tree-hugging state did not make sense.

Maybe the intent of the story was: the first one on public property in MA?

Yes, it was in reference (as I understand the story) to being the first real public charger, although we could debate the public nature of the Nissan ones…I’ve actually plugged a I-MiEV into my local one (2x), but felt sheepish about it.

I’ll add an extra reference to public into story just so it’s not confusing/misleading to anyone else. Apologies for that…it’s not always a conspiracy “our blue”, (;

It seems strange that Nissan would install a DCQC from Eaton instead of Nissan.

This is #13. UMass put out a press release saying it was the first and every media outlet printed it. Would’ve thought better of this site. Owners can choose Eaton, Nissan doesn’t care. It’s a better unit anyway.

Yup, I’d have thought Eric would at least check, but nope…

The Nissan/Sumitomo QC looks half the size, half the cost, for the same max current as far as I know (120A), and I’ve yet to see one not working.
You seem familiar with Eaton QCs, so I’m curious, what’s “better” about them?

Why are these chargers so bloody expensive?