Maserati Levante To Borrow Chrysler Pacifica Plug-In Hybrid Powertrain


Conventional Maserati Levante

Conventional Maserati Levante

Conventional Maserati Levante

Conventional Maserati Levante

You likely won’t find this quote in Maserati’s Levante brochure when it launches, but Motor Trend sums up the situation well by stating:

“The Maserati Levante will be available as a plug-in hybrid using components designed for the Chrysler Pacifica minivan.”

Maserati CEO Harald Wester has confirmed that a Levante PHEV is coming, perhaps as early as late 2017, but more likely in early 2018.

Quoting Wester on the Chrysler tie-up aspect of the Levante PHEV:

“A standalone program would be suicidal so we have to look at FCA.”

Wester expects the take rate for the plug-in version to be around 6%, which to us is a low figure.

The conventional V6 -powered Levante goes on sale starting in Europe this May. The U.S. should see the Levante by August. Pricing has not yet been announced.

Motor Trend did state something that we had not yet heard regarding the Pacifica’s plug-in hybrid powertrain:

“The hybrid system is being developed for rollout across the FCA lineup.”

The Levante shares no other components with the Pacific or Pafica plug-in hybrid.

Source: Motor Trend

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Is this another Cadillac ELR waiting to disappoint in sales?


Those people disappointed in ELR sales didn’t understand that it was always meant to be low sales (2000 units), so there was no disappointment.

It appears the expectations are similar for this car (6%). So if/when it does hit 6%, people shouldn’t say it was a disappointment, since that was the goal.


kdawg said:

“Those people disappointed in ELR sales didn’t understand that it was always meant to be low sales (2000 units), so there was no disappointment.”

It seems pretty clear that Cadillac was quite disappointed with ELR sales, considering how deeply they slashed the price of the car. Some dealers were discounting it by as much as $12,500!

It says a lot about how very little the ELR appealed to car buyers, that they had to discount it so steeply to move even a small number of cars.


the exterior screams Buick… maybe its just the side “ports”


Buick would have made it better with higher reliability…




This is something that GM should do all over its own line up.
I know they have sign some agreement with Honda, but nevertheless it would be so much wiser to profit their own share with all the R&D done with the Voltec.


GM has been told this by almost everyone in the plug-in community. They clearly have a reason (profit) for not doing it.

I am sure GM will launch something as soon as other PHEV SUVs encroach on GM sales. Hopefully the Outlander PHEV will do that soon.


Wow. Ugly. All Maseratis look like they need to lay off the spaghetti.


An $89K SUV!


It looks like a Cheyenne copycat to me. Glad they are offering it with a plug.

Jake Brake

Plot twist, FCA will soon be the leader in electrification.


Price, distribution and that could be a reality, espeically if gas prices go north.


If they can put it in this they should be able to put it in the Grand Cherokee




Another “very expensive badge” car for conspicuous consumption customers. Not unlike the “Porsche” SUVs.


Might be the death of the brand.

People are not that stupid.

I looked at an Alfa Romeo, and within 1 week I was being send emails from the Jeep Store regarding servicing my car.

I rest my case.