Maserati Engineering Boss Says Tesla’s Execution And Quality Resemble “German OEMs In The 1970s”


Maserati is one of the last hold outs in regards to releasing an electric vehicle, but that will change soon as even Maserati is planning an electric crossover for 2019-2020.

Conventional Maserati Levante

Conventional Maserati Levante

At the recent Paris Motor Show, Maserati engineering  boss Roberto Fedeli admitted that parent company Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles has instructed the luxury car maker to develop a Maserati electric car as soon as possible. The order actually comes from FCA CEO and long-time anti-EV guy Sergio  Marchionne, believe it or not.

In regards to a Maserati EV, Fedeli stated:

“I think that we could show something before 2020. Maybe 2019. We are working to be ready with something that we can show during the next couple of years.”

It’s believed that Maserati’s first electric vehicle will be based on the Levante, but Maserati won’t follow in the footsteps of Tesla, so we won’t see a Model X-like Maserati EV. Quoting Fedeli:

Conventional Maserati Levante

Conventional Maserati Levante

“We will be last (with a production EV), and we have to arrive to the market with something different. Very different.

“A Tesla fighter probably [is] not a good idea.”

“I don’t think that Tesla is the best product in the market but they are doing 50,000 cars a year. The execution and quality of the products of Tesla are the same as a German OEM in the 1970s. Their solutions are not the best.”

Comparing Tesla to German OEMs in the 70s? Harsh words…

Fedli concluded the interview by stating this about sound:

“Sound is not the most important characteristic of electric cars. The EV is something different and we have to [give] the car [Maserati character] without having one of our most important parameters.”

And this in regards to weight:

“[In an EV], you feel a lot of weight, more than anything else. Torque and power are interesting for a very few seconds but then the weight does not let you enjoy the car on a normal road.  That’s inconsistent with the brand we are representing and needs to be solved.”

A lot of work ahead for Maserati it seems.

Source: Car And Driver

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Quattroporte 4,233 curb weight
BMW i3 ~2,800 curb weight

Just make s*** up, Maserati.

This guy should Talk! masseratti, Chrsyler,Ferrari, Lamborghini, Fiat & all the rest of these small off brands has been Building “JUNK” for their ENTIRE EXISTENCE.. they are POORLY engineered & Defective straight from conception & from the assembly line.. NOTHING BUT GARBAGE with a Fancy Name & a High Price , Made to be Sold the People that make the EASY MONEY ..That want to flaunt their wealth & Feel Important..

He’s talking crap, and so are you.

Reciprocation …One gets more bees with honey..

Isn’t that the truth spoken?

So a Ferrari is junk? I don’t gassers also, but it certainly not a junk car.

Somewhat over stated, but it is true that Maserati has trouble getting a good review on a gas vehicle they have been producing for 102 years.

Being negative is always a bad idea, when talking to the public.

There is truly no benefit what so ever.

Delusional much?

And Maserati resembles Kodak.

As maybe will Ferrari!

Maybe Maserati can get BlockBuster to display their 2020 EV’s as a promo in their stores.

“the weight does not let you enjoy the car on a normal road” Said no one ever…

Apparently you have never driven a Ford Pinto…

When a competitor trash-talks you, it’s actually a compliment, albiet a backhanded one. If Maserati didn’t perceive Tesla as a threat, if Tesla wasn’t cutting into their market, they’d just ignore the “upstart” company.

Go Tesla!

I think this is the latest form of expression, as typified by one of our political candidates, whatever I am I accuse you of….. YOU MAKE JUNK, says he, coming from the Fiat camp.


Considering that German quality has steadily gone down hill since the ’80s that’s not really that bad of a thing to say.

Did anyone else mentally read the Fedeli quotes with an arrogant Italian accent?

+1000 LOL

“ARROGANCE” is a way of concealing their incompetence.

In normal road, acceleration is far more important than anything. You make 60 MPH turns almost never, and even then most turns are sedate. But you’re accelerating on every traffic light (sometimes to beat the light) and highway merging. Unless you’re at a track, how you measure up against other cars on normal road is through acceleration.

Good point.
Counterpoint. This ‘you’ that you refer to is American on an American road. He’s from a country with a very different road structure. Narrow, twisty, unpredictable traffic maneuvers, strange obstacles, etc. I presume he’s saying lightness of feel and handling is a primary virtue in that situation for a sporty car and that a Tesla might get a bit overbearing through the snakies.

Good couterpoint.
But Maserati is the last one who should pretend that the weight of the car is an important issue.
Their cars look like dinosaurs and they weigh pretty much the same as them.

I concur fully with his statement, “A Tesla fighter probably [is] not a good idea.”

I use to owned a Quattroporte, beautiful car, it happens I replaced for a P85D no regrets, Masserati craftsmanship is wonderful but mechanics are from the 70’s. Italian car are a jewel but bad longevity and unreliable, even Ferrari for the mega rich is good because is driven just few thousand miles per year like a toy. Fiat so unreliable car in Europe and South America. So they are just winning the migration of customers like me to Tesla.

Actually here FIAT is shorthand for “Fehler In Allen Teilen” (Faults In All Parts)

Quite clever. In my neck of the woods, car guys say it stands for “Fix It Again Tony”

Another good one: ‘ Für Italiener ausreichende Technik’ like ‘for italians sufficient technic’.

What a clown. When did tesla come out with model S? 2012 ? Where is maseratis pure electric performance vehicle from 2012 ? I am driving a tesla model X since May 2016 and it is fantastic. Others drove fantastic model S for the last 4 years. Talking about execution and making a viable mass market product, tesla is teaching you a lesson.

And works on solving actual real issues besides going from A to B in style:

Huh! He can talk…

This is Maserati, ffs. Are you for real?! Their cars are nothing more than a reskinned Alfa Romeo, of which nowadays are reskinned Fiats.

Poor fit and finnish and bargain bucket parts across the board. Maserati uses the same info-tainment screen as a few Fiats (ie Bravo et plus) and Jeeps (Renegade).

I hope they succeed. Looking forward to a Maserati-styled Fiat 500e as their first blush. It is clear from the language that they are ICE-minded with the whole sound engineering blather. Nobody wants to hear your cars anymore, Maserati. Or smell them. If you want to play catch-up, look at the prototype Renault Trezor. If you don’t, we understand. It’s hard to do something that is truly new, not new-looking.

What in earth does Italians know about quality. Very unreliable cars and trains is all they make.

As the saying goes: Never buy Italian unless you can eat it or wear it!

Italian bike parts. Campagnolo makes the most reliable, longest lasting stuff on the market. Fiat could learn a lesson or two about quality from Campy.

Campy is bomb proof. I have a Bianchi nearly 35,000 miles with campy components. I bike from home to work 4 days of the week.

Campy didn’t have to do much, after Shimano discovered light-weight aluminum meant more drive train (replacement) sales.

Has the head of Maserati ever heard the air conditioning boot up on one of his clunkers? Sounds terrible.

No, he did’t. He is driving Ferrari.

You are onto golden. It has the makings of an Italian car aficionado joke.

“I think that we could show something before 2020. Maybe 2019″

Does not square with:

“Torque and power are interesting for a very few seconds but then the weight does not let you enjoy the car on a normal road.  That’s inconsistent with the brand we are representing and needs to be solved.”

…unless they plan a BMW i8 type low AER hybrid

This clueless Maserati Engineering Boss needs the CEO to tell him to STFU and stick to his job at hand. He’s done nothing for the PR of the company, other than look like a total dumbass.

Roberto, Roberto … what are you up to these days?

Roberto and Bob should create a company together, clearly.

And in other news if you’ve got a Chase card you can save 7% on a Maserati 🙂


Consumer Reports surveys show that quality for the Model S has improved significantly since 2012/2013 original launch. So much so that they have recently upgraded them to a “recommend” rating.

Meanwhile, Fiat family of brands completely owns the bottom of the list of 30 brands due to poor quality, with only one of all of their models across all their brands receiving a “recommend” rating.

25 Dodge
26 Chrysler
29 Jeep
30 Fiat

On one hand is a relatively new car company that is showing significant year over year improvements in same-model quality. On the other hand is a company that has had decades to improve quality, and yet still remains at the very bottom of ratings, year after year.

Based on goodcarbadcar data,

Maserati US sales so far in 2016: 8,156 (slightly down for year over year numbers).

Tesla US sales so far in 2016: 34,300 (fastest growing brand in the US).

Maybe they should follow in Tesla’s footprints sooner rather than later, before they see their market share continue to erode even more.

“Comparing Tesla to German OEMs in the 70s? Harsh words…”
Uh, Eric, are you _sure_ that was supposed to be a criticism? I doubt it.
BMW’s reliability has been a bit worse in recent years then historically, when the vehicles were much simpler mechanically.

Mercedes’ reliability is much, much worse today. They used to be the #1 brand in vehicle longevity, with their cars lasting 20 years on average. The next brand was Volvo, with 15 and everybody else’s was around 10 years.

And of course, there isn’t an Italian brand with a good rep a.f.a. that goes…

Germans build the best cars in the 70s. I’m not sure whether he’s criticizing, or complemeting Tesla.
In case he’s criticizing, then he’s not a good catholic: Why do you notice the splinter in your brother’s eye, but do not perceive the wooden beam in your own eye?

Yeah, 2002. Rabbit, if you were poor, like me. Both light, simple, and real fun. All the more reason to wonder what planet super-mario is coming from.

Comments here are hilarious. Some many experts.

I thought this website was to learn about new things with evs. It’s more of a bitch session. I careless of Maserati and much less of people’s opinions. I find it hard to believe that most of you own or drive a tesla? Socially and economically most that can buy a high end car don’t waste time bitching. Serious hideous opinions. Grow up boys.

You make a good point Mike.

I thought it was quite refreshing that the head of Maserati shared those comments.

Its the first time I ever heard someone officially in the business claim VW and Mercedes started making JUNK starting from the 1970’s on.

It was obvious to any onlooker, since VW at one time was THE most popular import – primarily due to its low-cost and its reliability.

As the comment mentioned, Maserati is perhaps not the best place for an EV, or, as he mentioned, they’ll have to do some things differently to maintain their ‘Allure’.

Yeah, they should start making T-shirts and perfume for the EV drivers.

What I learned today is Maserati got this website to stand up for German cars. If you know this website, you know what that says about Maserati 😉

Another Euro point of view

Strangely about Italian cars, back in the old days Alpha Romeo was winning many races not so much because those cars were faster but because of their amazing reliability… What happened since then ? I rented twice a Fiat on holidays in last two years. Horrible cars. Poor reliability would be not so bad if they were nice to drive but those were not nice at all. I compare that to Skoda which I also rented from time to time, using the reliable components from VW, those are rather inexpensive cars but so amazingly better on all counts than similarly priced Fiats, and that includes handling, a quality Italians usually consider important.

Sounds like someone is bitter or on edge about the success Tesla has had. Tesla did produce more cars than Maserati did in 2015 and just got into the business a few years ago. BUT if their own reliability isn’t in the top echelon, I don’t think they should be bashing anyone about quality or reliability.

Sergio Marchionne (CEO of fiat/chrysler) and well known anti-EV guy should be fired with no severance for holding back the company in regards to EV’s. He could have made a name for Maserati by producing an EV in the sub 3 second mark, similar to Model S 100DL, but has style and the brand name to boot.

Having owned a Chrysler product in the past, I’m pretty sure any first generation offering that comes from that company will be one level above lemon status.

For all those who disdain Italian products here, please do mot forget that Brembo brakes are mounted on almost all performance and hypercars worldwide. Tesla just might need more of them.