Marvel Releases Harley LiveWire/Avengers Teaser Trailer (finally, w/video)


Way back in the beginning of the summer we saw those “leaked” shots of the Harley-Davidson Livewire, and now, finally, Marvel has released its teaser for the Harley LiveWire (Avengers) film.

Our first impression is that there’s a lot of violence and world-ending hoo-haa for a film on electric motorcycles, but hey, it’s Hollywood, right?  And what’s up with that Ultron guy’s attitude?   Didn’t get a turn on the bike?

Skip to 1:25 to see the good parts.  You know.  With the motorcycle.

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Am I hearing things, or was there a gas motor noise dubbed on top of that bike?!

Movie studios regularly do stuff like that. With one of the X-Men movies, they replaced the exhaust note of a V-Rod with that of a Sportster. Because the director didn’t like the V-Rod’s exhaust note.

Though in this case it’s kind of hard to tell. The background music kind of blends in with the sound effects a bit, obscuring things.

One other thing to keep in mind, it’s a trailer, not the actual movie, and since the whole using Harleys thing is a product placement thing with Marvel, and considering how much Harley has promoted the Livewire’s sound, I’m guessing they’ll clear that up.

I know this will never happen but I would love to see a company like Harley announce that electric is the way to go and is the next level of motoring performance and just kill off all their fuel powered vehicles. Stop making any gas motorcycles and focus 100% on high performance electics.

Eventually it’ll happen. When it actually makes sense to do so, which is not going to be for quite a few years. Take an actual, objective look at production electric motorcycles, they currently offer budget performance, at exotic prices.

Even Zero’s top of the range bike, the SR, is at best a competitor for the FZ-07, which is a $7,000 bike, less than half what the SR costs.

There’s a lot of hurdles for electrics to become mainstream. It’ll happen, but it’s not going to happen overnight.

yuval Brandstetter MD

Maybe the initial price, but not the life-time cost of ownership. With the five-hundred thousand mile warranty on the batteries and essentially no maintenance for the power-train the SR is cheaper.