Marques Brownlee Posts Test Drive Impressions Of Tesla Model 3 – Video

3 months ago by Eric Loveday 30

Here’s one of just a handful or so of the available test drive impressions of the Tesla Model 3. This one comes to us via famed YouTuber Marques Brownlee.

Brownlee, winner of the Project Loveday contest (see his sinning submission below), got some time behind the wheel of a Tesla Model 3 during the day of the big reveal event (details/specs on the new Tesla 220-310 mile EV here).

We’ve already seen Brownlee’s first ride video, but this impressions video has a level of perfectionism and professionalism we’ve come to expect from a MKBHD video.

Video description:

“I drove Tesla Model 3 and I liked it. These are my full thoughts and impressions!”

Only a few others outside of Tesla had the opportunity to actually drive the Model 3. Most notable among those other drives is this one from Motor Trend:

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30 responses to "Marques Brownlee Posts Test Drive Impressions Of Tesla Model 3 – Video"

  1. bro1999 says:

    So there is debate on the Tesla forums on if the 3 even has an option for a heated steering wheel. Consesus seems to be there is no heated steering wheel of any kind, option or not, since there is 0 reference to a heated steering wheel in any released document.

    But who needs heated steering wheels in Cali, right?

    1. ffbj says:

      You were right about Tesla stock dropping on Monday, so I wanted to point that out.
      There is a heated steering wheel. I saw that somewhere, but maybe you have to get the premium package to get it.

      Should it be shining not sinning review?

      1. Ken L. says:

        Or “winning”

    2. WadeTyhon says:

      I have noticed the lack of a heated steering wheel as well.

      But with the limited release and intentionally limited options on early models, I have a feeling a heated steering wheel will be added as the car is made available in colder climates. Although it will probably be an additional cost.

      We don’t get terribly cold here in North Texas. But for the few weeks when it can be in the 10s or 20s, I expect I will be using the heated steering wheel non stop lol.

      1. Waiting says:

        I don’t think that you are not going to buy the most incredible electric car out there because of the lack of a heated steering wheel. If heating your steering wheel is so important, these products are available to you.

        1. David C says:

          I won’t, and I’m in NC, where it’s only cold enough to affect me from 4-5 months. I’ve been a Tesla evangelist since March of 2013 (we bought our first Leaf in Feb 2013), and a stockholder since last year (wished I could have afforded to invest earlier). We’re on our second and third Leafs and I’m ~140k in line on the Model 3.

          Electric heat causes the single biggest reduction in range of anything besides the drivetrain. This could have a significant impact on people in colder climates. Heated steering wheel combined with heated seating allows me to not use the heat in late Fall/mild Winter commutes. Compared to when it gets colder, it saves me at least 15-20% of my range. On our older Leaf, that’s the difference between 60 and 45-50 mi highway miles… Yeah…

          Honestly, it’s sad that Tesla even requires the Premium package on Model S to get heated seats. I’m pretty sure Nissan added it as a standard feature on the Leaf after they realized the impact it had. As cheap a component as it is, Tesla should really do the same, especially when people find out their 210 mi standard range Model 3 only goes 125 mi on the highway with heat blasting.

          I want the model 3 to more regularly visit family that’s 200 mi away. I might not make it on the long range version in winter at highway speeds without heated steering wheel.

          The current Tesla estimator puts me at Jan-Mar to take delivery. I sincerely hope this is just an oversight on their part and it’s ironed out before that. The Model S also requires the $5k premium package to get heated steering wheel, so hoping it’s like that.

    3. says:

      Since when is heated steering wheel a thing you must have? This has to be the lamest option a car can have.

      1. 2EVsBro says:

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        This comment and user has been removed from the InsideEVs community

        ***mod edit***

        1. says:

          You’re new here so i will give you time to get accustomed with everyone…you do seem to have chronic verbal diarrhea.

          1. 2EVsBro says:

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            This comment and user has been removed from the InsideEVs community

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        2. stimpy says:

          Not many will be willing to pay the $40k necessary to get a heated wheel on a Bolt when they could get a Model 3 for that price.

      2. WadeTyhon says:

        Are you joking? Have you ever had a heated steering wheel in temperatures below freezing? Or seen your range plummit when you turn the heater on?

        Heated wheel + heated seats = minimal to no use of the heater in winter. That means more range in colder temps. That is the opposite of lame!

        1. says:

          And the heated seats alone won’t do it for you?

          1. WadeTyhon says:

            Often when driving in the cold, your hands are the part of your body furthest away from the heated seats. Not to mention furthest from your body.

            And usually are uncovered while driving. ( I hate driving with gloves on.)

            They also tend to be clutching a leather steering wheel which can get quite cold in the winter.

            Keeping your hands warm while driving makes a big difference in keeping your overall body warmth up. 🙂

            1. chibi_kurochan says:

              But the car will be fully autonomous.. so our hands eventually don’t need to be holding the wheel, so i can just stuck my hand under my butt with the heated seats on 😉 cheers

            2. says:

              WadeTyhon, i see your point. I guess i never noticed that while driving in cold weather, it never bothered me but i know some people always have cold hands and this is a big help to them.

              1. WadeTyhon says:

                Yeah, we are pansies here in Texas when it comes to below freezing temps. lol

                1. says:

                  OMG…i could have never guessed that you are talking about Texas winters! I thought is was N-E somewhere. I guess they could add this into the premium package since they are considered a premium car brand.

    4. Zac says:

      Does the Model 3 have heated front seats standard?

      1. stimpy says:

        Yes, in the front only.

    5. Jason says:

      Do you need a heated steering wheel of the whole car is heated? And those vents seem like you just aim them at your hands of they are cold.
      Bigger batteries means less impact with range anxiety. This is where Bolt vs Model 3 will be interesting, cold weather performance.

  2. Get Real says:

    And who needs a troll like you have become?.

  3. Josh Bryant says:

    Interesting. Wonder if there is a “Cold Weather Package” that hasn’t been released yet. Pretty sure they would need it before they sell to Norway and that is too big of a market to ignore.

    1. bro1999 says:

      IIRC, even the Model S did not have a heated steering wheel early in its life, even if people got the sub-zero option package.

  4. John says:

    Ask any biker what a HUGE difference heated grips makes during cold weather riding.

    Warm hands make for a warm body, WITHOUT climate control.

    Apply the same to an EV and if the drive is the sole occupant, you can run the HVAC at very low levels be remain comfortable with only the heated seats and heated steering wheel.

    Do some homework before you go throwing around the “lame” label.

  5. AlphaEdge says:

    Oh nooooooooooooo! The inhumanity! No heated steering wheel! I hope everyone finds out, and cancels their preorder!

    Good thing they have to those Big Gulp size cup holders though!

  6. georgeS says:

    Mostly a re hash in the video. I was hoping he would DRIVE it and compare to the S.

    My guess is it will be more fun cat to drive!!

    1. AlphaEdge says:

      I actually thought he was sitting in the Model 3. I found it a bit misleading that he does not admit till the end, that he is sitting in a Model S. I was waiting for him the whole time to go on his test drive.

  7. PK says:

    FYI, heated seats front & rear and heated steering wheel are standard on all Canadian trims of the Leaf.

  8. Jim says:

    I don’t think he did this very well.
    He talked,about colors but didn’t say its, $1k for any color but black.
    He didn’t mention all the 2017 are $49k with larger battery and premium package.
    Why no show more of the car and not jump him sitting in the car?
    It could be much better…..

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