Watch Marines Test All 4,900 Pound-Feet Of Torque In Electric Nikola UTV


Nikola continues to make waves with its new NZT all-electric off-road performance UTV. Now, they’ve got the U.S. Marines on board.

Yes, as you can see, the Marines are testing the Nikola vehicle, complete with guns. For those that haven’t followed, it’s a multi-passenger EV UTV with a whopping 125 kWh battery pack (although lesser versions are available). It boasts up to 555 horsepower and 4,900 pound-feet of torque to the wheels.

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The all-new Nikola Reckless UTV is the company’s latest military-grade variant. According to Electrek, it was named after renowned Staff Sergeant Reckless after he succeeded in 51 ammunition carrying operations in the Korean War. The publication reported (via OC register and first posted on Electrek) that Nikola’s director of defense Andy Christian shared:

It is a workhorse with a never-quit attitude. Its unique massive battery allows you to take energy from it and power anything, even a command center. It has an infra-red beam that can be used with night vision and a remote weapons system machine gun that can be controlled by a joystick anywhere in the vehicle. It’s light enough to go on a MV-22 osprey.

Regardless of the NZT’s $28,900 starting price, the military upgrade will set them back $85,000. Follow the links below for additional information.

Video description via U.S. Military Channel on YouTube:

U.S. Marines are assessed utilizing the Nikola Motor Company’s Reckless UTV (Utility Task Vehicle), a totally electric vehicle that can go from 0 to 100 kilometers-per-hour in just over 3 seconds. Also, a vehicle can be equipped with remote weapon stations (RWSs) with a M240, M2 Browning, Mk19.

Source: LinkedInElectrek

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Sergeant Reckless was a horse. Heck of a lot cheaper, too.

“Regardless of the NZT’s $28,900 starting price, the military upgrade will set them back $85,000. ”

I love the smell of pork in the morning. It smells like “Victory”.

They should just build the Warthog from Halo and be done with it!

Just what Marines need. 4,900 of torque to wrap themselves around a tree. Twice. They are already doing that with MRZR-D4s, and those things have a fraction of the performance potential of the Reckless (more like retarded).

Also, tell MCWL that they aren’t Motor-T.

That’s a squeakiest suspension I’ve ever heard. The enemy will hear that more then a engine.


Gosh yes, just what the U.S. military needs: Beefed up dune buggies for $85,000. Cheap at the price, right? 😉

Is this the same Nikola company that keeps promising a fuel-cell powered semi tractor, which they claim will somehow compete with diesel semi tractors despite running on much more expensive hydrogen fuel?

That reminds me of the movie “The Magician of Lublin”, in which a stage magician showed a promoter that he could escape from a locked box full of water. So if he could do that, well then, he could do anything — even fly, as he claimed!

Errrrr… no. Does Not Follow. Null logical value.

Actually it will compete with Tesla’s version of the lithium battery powered semi tractor trailer

diesel power technology is on the way out

This is a amazing piece of well enengineered equipment. I will be interested in its progress we have two side-by-side in our garage.rzrxp rangerxp. Electric has my interest. Thank you David

I like.

Check out the promo video on YouTube of the consumer version vs. it’s gas rivals. Impressive. $28,900 for the civilian one seems fair, taking into consideration it’s capabilities.

Military one sure squeaks a lot! Can’t sneak up on the enemy that way. Silent springs and shocks seem to need some work. Still, scale should lower cost to the taxpayer.

I can see a great potential. Saves money on diesel or gasoline. Logistically too. Fuel up with portable solar and wind. Gas generators onboard can also provide versatility.

Nice buggy! It looks like a great deal for the military and us taxpayers and the fact that it can export power is increasingly important for military use.
Nikola is doing great thing s with their FCV semi,apparantly ,they gave back all the deposits because some large American brand wants to convert their entire fleet to Nikola’s and they will double H2 stations from 14 to 28,some stations can dispense 32 tons of H2 a day,enough to power over 200 semis 1,000 miles.

I’m excited about electric off-road vehicles but we got to do something about the tin can sound and squelchy squeaks. Maybe we can have JBL speakers blasting a real engine sound LOL