Marchionne: Electric Ferrari Will Sound And Handle Like A Proper Ferrari




Ferrari LaFerrari Hypercar is a mild hybrid

Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne challenges the Tesla Model S and says Ferrari “will be the first” company to make an electric supercar.

More specifically, Marchionne shares:

“If there is an electric supercar to be built, then Ferrari will be the first.

So whenever Ferrari will express itself in a fully electric vehicle, it will do so by making sure that both sound and handling are reflective of Ferrari’s heritage.”

Mercedes built one years ago (SLS AMG Electric Drive), and there are already other all-electric and plug-in hybrid supercars out there (McLaren, Koenigsegg, Nio, Rimac).

Of course, there’s an “if” in his statement, because the same man has said in the past that there will never be a fully electric Ferrari. Although he recently announced that the automaker has plans to produce one. Ferrari’s only past effort in electrification came in the form of the LaFerrari hybrid supercar.

Electric Ferrari

Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne

But we digress …

In a recent talk after Marchionne reported Ferrari’s earnings, he referenced the Tesla Model S P100D as a comparison and explained that it’s not a supercar. But, most of us already knew that.

The Model S makes no claim of being a supercar. It’s a ridiculously quick family sedan with an all-electric powertrain. While it’s not cheap, it doesn’t boast supercar pricing, and it’s produced in reasonable volume. In fact, though Tesla is still a low-volume automaker in comparison to many legacy brands, the Model S has outsold all other luxury large cars in the U.S. several times.

It seems that Marchionne isn’t looking at the correct competitor here. Ferrari is surely low-volume and known for its supercars. If he wants to talk about electric supercars, he needs to do his homework (as mentioned above). He also avoids comparing the upcoming Tesla Roadster, which is fair since it’s not yet in production … but neither is the electric Ferrari “if,” right? We all know Tesla will likely be way behind on second-gen Roadster production, but at least the automaker is aiming for 2020, rather than saying “whenever” and “if.”

Marchionne made mention of the Model S’ subpar handling. He did say that it’s “stunning” in a straight line, but he also asserted that electric cars aren’t great for handling (which is another opinion that could be argued extensively). Marchionne thinks Tesla should call the P100D a muscle car and not a supercar. As far as we know, Tesla isn’t calling it either one. He continued via Business Insider:

“I have read some interesting analyst reports that suggest that that now that Tesla has done a car that does 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds and there is no room for supercars.

Well, I would challenge anybody who’s driven an electric car to try and drive at the same way we drive a Ferrari and you’d recognize immediately that the handling characteristics of the car are totally different …”

So when and if there’s ever a market for an electric supercar, Ferrari “will be the first” and the best, according to Marchionne. Hmm … okay.

Source: Business Insider

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A proper Ferrari – so you mean like one of those old-school cars from the 20. century?

With Cars Like the new EV’s as the Tesla 2nd Gen Roadster coming to lite , Ferrari’s Days are Numbered & they Know it ! They can’t react fast enough ! Time is Ferarri’s Arch Enemy at this point. The Tesla Roadster Is ONE TOUGH Act to follow. I think all exotic car makers are getting Quite Concerned at This stage of the game, And they’d be Fools If they weren’t…

Mercedes SLS EV four motor all wheel was out years ago.

Great, Ferrari will make the first electric car to need a muffler.

Sorry but Mate Rimac beat Ferrari to the “electric supercar” title.


By the time Ferrari comes out with the “first electric supercar” Rimac will have released their 2nd generation EV supercar which has already been teased and is in the works.

Oh and then there is the NIO EP9 which already exists.

Oh and the Tesla Roadster 2.0 that already exists as a prototype and will certainly be on the roads before the Ferrari that doesn’t even exist as a concept drawing yet.

I think what Marchionne meant to say is that Ferrari will produce the “first electric Ferrari supercar” before anyone else.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Who else builds Ferrari’s??????

Exactly! They can accomplish that feat.


Just shows how those car makers are still living in the past.

Exactly. No one is actually missing engine noise.
Not when you can replace it with great listening of your favorite music. Don’t Ferrari’s have stereo?

Engine noise sounds OLD.

+1, I’m more than FED UP with engine noise myself, & yes it is Very 0LD!

Ferrari is desperately trying to differentiate the Ferrari as worthy of ‘supercar’ status – along with the hefty price tag that comes with that label. This will ultimately be a losing battle for Ferrari in the face of an EV onslaught which will deliver supercar performance at much more attainable pricing.

Paddling a canoe against the waterfall’s current. He’d better start now, lest the tide get too strong!

You certainly can reduce the performance of an electric car to simulate a fossil Ferrari, but why? You can also add a noisemaker so that it clatters like a fossil too. Just don’t make it stink and pollute like one.

Honestly, I don’t think Ferrari will do this no matter what the CEO says. What’s really going on here is that Marchionne is forcing air out of one orifice so that it sounds like wind coming out of another.

Sounds like a wind-wind to me.


If he wants the sound of miniature explosions from an electric, he’s gonna have to pipe it in, or stick cards in the wheel spokes.


Is he just trying to mislead people into thinking that the Model S is the only competition to Ferrari from Tesla? All who believe that may be in for a bit of a shock in a couple years. Keep blabbing Sergio, we’ll all have a good chuckle when the Roadster hits the racetracks.

He not the most intelligent CEO out there, thats for sure….

Kodak used to say that kind of thing about digital cameras, until they went bust. It is always amazing how CEO’s ignore innovation that it is right there in front of them.

In Kodak’s case, they also practically *invented* the consumer digital camera!

But, since camera’s are something you sell *once* and film was a *continous* revenue stream, they didn’t dare cannibalise themselves….

In a few years Ferrari will be lucky to be in the car styling business, let alone making cars, with this ostrich in charge.

He will get his payday and retire before that happens.

Perhaps a ‘concrete parachute’ would be a fitting send off.?

We all know Tesla will likely be way behind on second-gen Roadster production,

I don’t know about that. Tesla was behind on the MX by a couple of years plus and then were slow on the ramp up. They were actually early with FCS of the M3 but they are behind 6-12 months on the ramp up. That is a significant improvement. With roadster2.0 there is no ramp. A few token shipments late next year are all that is needed to satisfy guidance. If they are only able to hand build a few per week for the first six months of 2020 they are still in the top ten for super cars.

Despite the i8 having a tiny ICE engine, it has all that fake sound (no idea if there’s a setting to turn it off or if you can “hack” it to turn off)…

The one thing about Ferrari is it basically has an unlimited budget as in it could sell this car a $500K-$1M and people would still buy it…If Tesla made a Model S that could “handle” better there probably wouldn’t be a market for it…With that being said, there are certainly things you could do to improve a Tesla’s handling including stickier tires and aftermarket suspension components…To my understanding I have heard many teams have competed in various types of races with a modified Tesla so it isn’t impossible but just not profitable to Tesla to create a lower ranged road course Model S…

“Ferra” what ? Never heard about this.

I guess there are old people who will pay for fake engine noise.
And I wonder is Ferrari having a hard time getting it’s electric models to actually be quiet, and need the “engine” noise to cover up other unpleasant car sounds????

Obsessed with supercar status meanwhile…
The Ferrari SUV is on it’s way. Wonder how it will stack up to the Model X P100DL??

“If there is an electric supercar to be built, then Ferrari will be the first.”

Too late by 21 years! AC Propulsion’s tZero debuted in 2007.