Mansory Mods Tesla Model S


Mansory has just release images and details of its modifications available for the Tesla Model S.

Like most Tesla tuners, Mansory focuses solely on looks and aerodynamics, without touching the Model S’ powertrain.

GT Spirit describes the Mansory exterior enhancements as follows:

“Starting at the front, an entirely new fascia has been installed which incorporates a small faux grille as well as new LED daytime running lights, an aggressive looking bumper as well as an eye-catching splitter. Moving to the sides, the Mansory Model S features multi-spoke wheels finished in silver with bright green outer rims. New side skirts have also been installed.”

“At the rear, the modifications remains relatively minor but are still noteworthy. They include a subtle bootlid lip spoiler, a new bumper as well as a custom diffuser. All of the aforementioned parts are made from lightweight carbon fibre.”

Mansory states:

“Chassis components made of ultra-light carbon, luxurious interior designs as well as striking light-alloy wheels, these are the core competences of the premium manufacturer MANSORY Design & Holding GmbH. And MANSORY proves this again in an impressive way by providing an individualised programme for the TESLA MODEL S.

The aerodynamic programme consists of a newly designed front apron with integrated LED daytime runninglights, side skirts, a rear spoiler lip and a rear apron with diffuser insert. Nothing looks pretentious or ostentatious, all MANSORY components add to the standard production bodywork, in a distinguished, seamless manner.

MANSORY make their bodywork components in a traditional way using carbon fibre in an autoclave. In this process, carbon fibre sheets are put into moulds and hardened in an autoclave under high pressure at high temperature. The benefits of this high-tech process speak for themselves: Acceleration, stopping distances and the energy consumption of the vehicle are all improved due to the reduction in weight of the car.

The kit is rounded off by entrance panels with an illuminated logo, a sports steering wheel and aluminium pedals.”

Mansory Modded Tesla Model S

Mansory Modded Tesla Model S

Mansory Modded Tesla Model S

Mansory Modded Tesla Model S

Source: GT Spirit

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Someone out there

I like what they did with the nose, a significant improvement. The interior not so much, it’s too busy for me.


Agreed – the exterior, particularly the front, looks so much better than that damn nosecone.

Also agreed that the interior is overkill.


I think Tesla stubborn to keep the fugly nosecone that most of the people dislike, why is so difficult to make a nice facelift like this car, it looks way better.

jim stack

Very nice mods. Also as cool as our friends Signature S85P with Purple dash and piping and a dash signed by Elon himself.

Imagine the mods when the X comes out in just 1 more day. EVen Tesla will have variations and different bodies for the X since it’s so SUV-Pickup-Like.


Wow, how much to you have to pay to get the interior uglified like that? 🙁

Obviously this mod is for people who want to pretend their Model S is a sports car, and not a large sedan which seats 5 (+ 2 children).


lol, I agree with the uglified interior.

The front is a great improvement.


The front reminds me of the Mirai. Which is not so terrible, but I wouldn’t pay for it.


It appeals to millenials, like me


It looks like a futuristic racing stock car made street legal.