Manila Electric Company Hopes To Tie Up With Tesla On Battery Joint Venture


Tesla Energy - Powerpack - Utility and Business Energy Storage

Tesla Energy – Powerpack – Utility and Business Energy Storage

Reportedly, as part of Tesla’s expansion in Asia, the company will be heading to the Philippines next month to meet with officials at the country’s largest power company, Meralco. Alredo Panlilio, vice president and head of retail and communication, said that Tesla is looking to the Philippines for battery storage. He said:

Tesla Energy - Powerpack - Utility and Business Energy Storage

Tesla Energy – Powerpack – Utility and Business Energy Storage

“We just had a first telecon. They’re coming in a month or so. I’m sure we’re going to talk about batteries but what kind of framework, [there’s none yet since] we just had an initial first call. But they’re interested to come in and explore.”

The meeting date has not been firmed up, nor is there any particular agenda for the talks, however, Panlilio spoke of a possible partnership. He explained:

“It’s still very open, but [we’re] exploring maybe a potential business partnership. I would think it’s more of storage, batteries. That’s what they’re pushing hard now. They said they’re not a car manufacturer, they’re a battery company.”

Meralco is already taking strides to disrupt the current energy market. The company is eager to expand in the areas of EVs and solar power. Panlilio hopes to showcase the company’s EV charging stations in Manila. Due to government regulations, large-scale adoption is a continued problem, but the executive is confident. He said:

 “We just have to be ahead of adoption, for example, if EV rollout finally comes on mass scale, Meralco should be ready – even with the charging stations. We’ve been espousing about it, the charging stations. It also depends on government policies, how can we massively have more e-jeepneys. There are still a lot of things to do because it’s not a matter of if it will happen. It will happen … It’s hard for us to drive it alone. But when adoption is there, we should be ready with charging stations. It’s an ecosystem we want to develop.”

Solar power, maintained through Meralco’s subsidiary, Spectrum, may be another discussion that Tesla intends to have. But Panlilio made it clear that nothing is for sure except that the two companies will be having discussions soon. Previously, Meralco’s chairman, Manuel V. Pangilinan, voiced interest in Tesla’s Powerpack and Powerwall systems. He believes that Meralco will be compelled to enter the battery energy storage market as the technology becomes cheaper.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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