Mando Footloose IM e-Bike (w/video)


Here’s something interesting, in the folding/non-folding e-bike department.  This is the Mando Footloose, released in a (cheaper) non-folding model called the Footloose IM.  Why interesting? Basically because it’s powered with a fairly unique, chainless pedal drive:

Series Hybrid System… This first-of-its-kind system powers the wheels with a built-in motor that does not require mechanical chains that connect the wheels and pedals.

What’s that you say?  Pedals, no chain?

Simply, the pedals are working on a little alternator that charges the battery pack (that’s mounted inside the “body”).  The battery then powers an in-wheel hub motor, and away you go.

Pedal-powered charging

Pedal-powered charging

Specs?  Of course, so glad you asked:


Drive System: Series Hybrid System

TOP SPEED: 25 km/h (16mi/h)

Throttle : max. 30km(18mile)
Pedaling : max. 45km(28mile)

MOTOR: Dual-Winding Motor, 250W

BATTERY: Lithium-ion battery, 36V, 8.2Ah

WHEEL:20″, 5-Blades

WEIGHT: 21.7kg (47.8lb)

DISPLAY: Detachable 2.4” Color LCD display

FORK: Single fork (Carbon Fibre)

FRAME: Aluminum

Here’s a video, in all Chinese, but the universal language of “boy this is fun stuff” comes through in shining colors… with our loose translation of the caption:

“I AM Foot Loose Mando car ride Event 5
Foot Loose gentleman was going in that cafe 🙂
Although the first half of 2015 test-drive event exit”

You can read more on the Gizmag story from whence we heard of this, and see their webpage here.

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Sorry. But only one word comes to mind…

Pretty sure these are copies of someone else’s designs…

I don’t like the small tires, but that seems to be fairly common on electric bikes. I’m also annoyed that the riders don’t need to pedal.

I like the idea of no chains, but I wonder how efficient it is.

25km/h top speed?
Why if I want to go faster? This design will prevent me to do so! That’s totally absurd!

I can understand that an ebike can help you up to 25km/h but then the more force you apply the faster you go.
This design will not allow you to do so aas it is not assisiting.
Unless something is not covered in this article.

Just buy a real road bike and pedal.
If you’re good at it you will go much faster and stay totaly healty.
My point is that those kind of stuff are good for the disable, but are also a disabling the good.

The company & text is Korean not Chinese.

They should put a plug in it.

I assumed there was one. How else could you charge it?

I thought it was only charged by peddling, since it’s a series design.